Who Do You Trust

Just a random poem. And please don't relate this to me. It's just random words that popped into my head. Oh and I really want comments and opinions on this!!! It can be about my writing or how the poem spoke to you in any way, shape or form. Please?

Chapter 1

Who Do You Trust

by: NyghtDawn
I'm crying out for help
I'm screaming at the top of my lungs

No one is seeing
But I know they care

I know they listen
But I guess I haven't
Been making any sounds
At all

I look for someone I trust
Someone I can talk to

"Would they understand?"
"Would they still love me?"

The shadows are eating me away
Engulfing my entire body

And I cry out
But I'm too shy to make a sound

Who can I trust?
Who will help?

I want someone to listen
To not interrupt and let me speak

But would they say
That's just crazy ol' me?

I want someone to trust
I want someone to hear my cries

I want them to care
But do I take that dare?

If I told them everything
What would they do?

Please don't be angry
I don't think it's my fault

I'm looking for someone to trust
It may take time
But I think I'm finally beginning to rust


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