Being 16 is hard, especially when your me.You try to fit in and be normal but how can I when i'm always talking to myself. But the thing is i'm actually talking to a friend of mine, a friend who is no longer by my side..............

Chapter 1


What can i start off by saying but hi. i'm Angelica Benson but just call me Ange. I'm 16 and living with my mom, dad and annoying twin brothers. There 8 but they still drive me insane

People expect me to be the nerd at the top of the class but really i'm more of an unknown. i sit at the back afraid to say something in case it's wrong. every day i go home knowing i could have answered that geometry question in Mr. Blakes class but i'm too afraid to speak. in the cafeteria i get covered in coleslaw or mayonnaise to amuse the thick skulled jocks that were my friends.

I became this way for a reason. I used to be popular with long black hair and piercing blue eyes. i now look like i'm homeless. my hair is layerless and my eyes are grey from the darkness i've been shielding myself away in. but all of this happened after one event.

it was a sunny Friday and my best friend Amelia and I were on the way home ready to celebrate the weekend. I'm speaking to her and all of a sudden her eyes go cloudy and roll back into her head. she goes limp and falls. being taller than i am it was hard to lift her off the road. then with frantic fingers i dialed the hospital and got the ambulance out to her. unfortunatly it wasn't just one life that ended that day. i lost my best friend, became an outcast. my name was forgotten so nowadays i am called the unknown.

Hey guys!!! Sorry it's not that good to begin with. If you want me to write more post it on a comment please cause i don't want to go on writing and for you guys not to like it. I know it's short aswell but please rate!!!!!:)

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