The Tale of the Secret Village (Naruto Group Story)

Feya, Sakura, Hayato, Noel, Dai, and Maiko used to live in their own village hidden away from everything else. It was a secret kept from everybody but the villagers who lived in it, until one day when an evil man named Wataru Ryu destroyed it and most of the innocent people who had lived there, but to his surprise a couple of young but powerful ninjas escaped. This group included Feya,his daughter, the reason he wanted to destroy the village. He was aiming to kill her, there's always plan B...

Chapter 1


by: Grunge
We silently strode through the lush, green woods and mindlessly chose a path to take. None of us knew where we were going, what we were doing, and what would happen next. This whole thing jumped on us while our backs were turned and our eyes were closed. It surprised us, and not the good kind of surprise.

You see, I used to live in the most beaufiful, and most secret, village. It was called The Secret Village of the Mountain Trees, where the trees were taller than the eye could see and taller than any ninja could ever climb to. But one day, one horrible day it all ended, the beauty, the trees, the people... it's all gone. It was destroyed by a man named Wataru Ryu. This man gave us no warning, he just barreled in blasting everything with burning flames and attacking everyone and everything. He killed us, he killed the village, it's all gone now. But yet I can still see a glimmer of hope in the distance, I can feel the hope and I believe we'll be safe again, but I'm not so sure we all feel the same way. By now I'm sure you're thinking "okay who's this we?" ,so I'll tell you. "We" is the others and I, we are the survivors. We survived the attack and the desctruction of our own home, we escaped. I don't know if Wataru Ryu knows that we escaped, I hope he doesn't for I cannot even begin to think of what he would do to us if he found out we were still alive and moving.

With the scent of smoke and ash still imprinted in our noses, we move at at fast pace with Noel leading us. She usually knows what to do when things get complicated, she knows how to survive. Most of us are taking the whole scenario hard, but you can't blame us. Our village has been destroyed, our families were killed, and we don't even know where we are or what we're doing. At least we have eachother, right? But it's hard to think that way when you've just lost everything, your whole world, your whole life.

Other than the sound of my own thoughts exploding in my confused head, everything is silent. There's not a single bird singing, let alone still alive, around here anymore. Either the fire moved them out or killed them. This hits Maiko hard; she finds losing animals just as horrible as losing people. She's so connected with nature that I'm suprised she's still going at this point, after all half of the beautiful forest has been burnt to a crisp. Then there's Dai, he's sensitive too but he rarley shares what he's thinking with us. He's so shy and distant sometimes that I'm sure I could forget he was still alive, that maybe he too died in the tradgedy.

We continue our way to somewhere, our heads fuzzy and our eyes wide with shock. I can start to smell the woods again, but it will be hard for me to forget the smell of that smoke. The sun is starting to sink below the tree tops and I can feel a crisp, chilly night slowly creeping towards us. It's about time we get some sleep, we're all exausted, hungry, and not thinking straight so I call it a day.

Not another word is said after that, we knew what to do; Sakura bulit us a fire, Maiko gathered some berries she knew were safe to eat, and Hayato laid what we had for "beds" down while the rest of us settled in and stared blankly into space. The sun was drowned by the night as the darkness engulfed the cruel sky above us. Everything was black, there was no moon tonight.

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