The Tale of the Secret Village (Naruto Group Story)

Feya, Sakura, Hayato, Noel, Dai, and Maiko used to live in their own village hidden away from everything else. It was a secret kept from everybody but the villagers who lived in it, until one day when an evil man named Wataru Ryu destroyed it and most of the innocent people who had lived there, but to his surprise a couple of young but powerful ninjas escaped. This group included Feya,his daughter, the reason he wanted to destroy the village. He was aiming to kill her, there's always plan B...

Chapter 2


It was finally dawning on me that the village was gone. could that jerk do that to us? I thought. It didn't seem right. It didnt seem real. Our village, our small secret village was gone. Burned to the ground. I looked at the others, looked at their faces. Feya's face was full of hatred. I declared her our leader, though no one but me knows it.

We had stopped to rest for the night, Feya had asked my to build a fire. I did as told, without question. I examined everyone after I was done buildings the fire. Hayato was building 'beds' and Maiko was searching for berries. Everyone else was looking at the stars. It was the first time in a long time I had seen actual stars. I sighed a leaned against a tree while everyone was crowded around the fire. How can they stand to be near a fire after what happened? I thought.

After awhile, the group had fallen asleep. I stayed awake to keep the fire burning so they wouldn't get cold. I watched over them, their sleeping faces. Maiko, Hayato, Feya, Noel, Dai and me were the last survivors of our village. I pulled a kunai out of my supply bag and threw it at a tree. What did we ever do wrong?! What did we do to deserve this?! I yelled in my head. I looked in the fire, it was crackling away. The fire I see in front of me now was so calm, it wasn't like the one that destroyed my village. I got lost in my thoughts, my memories of that day.

"Sakura! Come home before dark!" My mother yelled. I laughed and said "Okay Mom!" I took off running towards the floral shop. I was going to visit Father today. He was in the clinic from an illness he has. Mother wouldn't tell nor would Father. But that didnt bother me. I ran up the steps of the floral shop, I went there everyday. "Oh, Sakura your here again! I already have some Lilies for your Father. Tell him I said hello!" The shopkeeper said. "Yes Ma'am!" I said happily and paid for the flowers. I walked outside humming to myself as I continued to walk towards the clinic.

A few minutes later I arrived at the clinic, clutching the flowers to my chest. I couldn't wait to see Father. I told he nurse who I was going to see and made my way to his room. I opened the door to see his smiling face. "Father! What are you doing out of bed?" I said. "Oh Sakura, your thirteen as of today and still worrying about your Father." He said. He smiled and hugged me. Yes, today was my birthday. My birthday, my thirteenth birthday. I'm glad I got to spend it with Father. I laughed and lead him back to bed. "You know you can't be out of bed!" He looked at me, his eyes laughing. "I know, I just wanted to enjoy the clouds. That's all." I smiled and set the flowers in the vase. "More lilies? You know you won't have any more money for food if you keep buying me lilies." I say down on the bed. "That's okay, as long I can see you, I won't have to worry about money. I'll work hard as a Chunnin!" We both laughed at that.

Awhile later I checked my watch. "Father, Mother is going to worry if I stay here any longer." I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "Goodbye! See you tomorrow!" I slowly shut his door and walked down the hallway. Outside I could hear faint screams of terror. I quickly ran to the nearest window and jumped out. The village was in flames, people running and screaming. "M..mother?" I whisper. I ran past the villagers and to my house. It was on fire, Mother was inside. "Mother?! Mother can you hear me?!" I ran inside, coughing from smoke. I saw her, her burnt body. I screamed and backed away. this could be happening..What was going on?! I ran into the forest, not turning back. Running towards my friends hide out. I stayed there, I stayed and cried. I cried until I passed out. When I woke, I was a whole knew person. I wanted nothing to do with anything. I would only save myself, or that's what I thought.

I came back to reality and saw the fire had gone out. I leaned against the tree, trying to calm down. That memory...that memory of mother...father...burning. The memory that will stay with me until I die. I closed my eyes, trying to forget, and slowly fell asleep.

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