Help! ( This will probally refer more to girls but guys can read too)

Chapter 1

So theres a dance coming up...

At my school, there's this dance coming up in about 3 weeks ( so I got a bit of time). Last year I had a good dress, but I look at it now and HATE it.
Do any of you know any good websites that have juniors dresses? Nothing elegent or floor length please. I just want a cool, fun dress! Most of my friends have already got their dress and I'm FREAKING OUT. And even worse NONE of them are telling me were they got their dresses! ( Some want them to be a surprise, but they don't want us showing up with the same dress)!

Again, does anyone know a good website for juniors dresses? PLEASE let it be under $40!! my mom would KILL me!! Please respond as soon as possible


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