How to: Write A Believable Heroine

So, I'm not the best/most skilled writer out there, but I do know a few things about strong female leads, and hopefully I can help some of you by writing what I know.

Chapter 1

Writing A Believable Herione

One: Don't make her perfect.

First off, perfect is boring and unrealistic. Answer me this: what kind of conflict would a perfect person even have? Have you ever read a story without a conflict?

Secondly, it is not relatable. I don't know about you, but I like to feel a camaraderie with my characters. That way I can feel what they feel and therefore actually understand them.

Thirdly: NO ONE LOOKS LIKE THAT. If you're not writing about a supernatural girl who actually might have a reason to have naturally sparkly butt-length silver hair, don't write about a girl with sparkly butt-length silver hair (even if she dyes her hair it wont look THAT good). Have you ever met someone like that who is human? Make a girl who would look like your best friend.

Two: Give her substance.

She has likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies, insecurities, memories. Write her like she had a life before you made her up, because lead girls don't just fall out of the sky every time some exciting storyline floats along. Imagine if that happened in real life: The weather forecast would be all like: " Everybody remember to stay inside this Friday, because that's when the new girls are falling through the sky"... I should write a story about that.

Three: She is not the only character.

Family, friends, enemies, pets; you name it, it's important. How they feel is important to her, so she'll being thinking about that.

Four: Go for it.

Make her someone you'd hate, love, love to hate, or hate to love. Create whatever story floats your boat.

Sorry if I sound sass-matic and that is short!

Happy writing(:


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