Wolfblood Chaper 1 (tell me if i should continue the book)

Hi, I'm Skylar, and im a wolfblood. Here is how I found out I was one, and the fights I faced. (Auther's Note: There will be a whole series so please read this!)

Chapter 1

Advanced Senses

"And remember class, do pages..." I didn't hear the rest because I was headed out the door too quickly, as I was excited for the weekend. Even though my weekend is pretty much the same thing, I enjoy being away from school. I always feel trapped, like I need to get up and run, but you can't do that in middle school, I say in my head in a mocking voice.
As I get in the bus, I find my friend and sit down. "I can't wait for tonight!" Said my best friend, Alyssa.
"I know right! I can't wait to stay up all night, watch movies, and eat popcorn!" I said because Alyssa and I planed a sleepover and we couldn't wait. When the bus comes to a stop, me and Alyssa get out of the bus and start walking to my house. When we got there, we ran inside, went into my room, and sat down on my bed.
"So, what movie are we going to watch first?"
"I don't know. How about this one." I say as I pick up a DVD off the floor. "Its wolfblood season 1-3!" It was my favorite show.
"Ok, I love that show," she said excitedly. I turn on my tv, put the DVD in my player, and hit play. It's started with the theme song and finally started.
The next morning I woke up and smelled the delicious smell of bacon and hear the bang of dishes clattering together. I go into the kitchen, my friend still sleeping, and I find that my mom is still in bed. How could that be? I still smell the bacon, "Where is that coming from?" I thought. I go outside and follow the sent, like it was my instinct. "I'm acting like a dog, this is weird," I thought. About almost half a block down the street, I found the house with the people who were cooking bacon. I ran back to my house oddly really fast.
When I got back inside, I woke up my friend and ate breakfast witch my mom made a few hours later.

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