Chapter 1


I'm trying
I promise
But it's hard to be strong
When there's nothing to live for
And the pain in my heart
Is reflected by the scratches on my arm
And I'm sorry to tell you this
But most of my thoughts
Involve pills and a note
Saying, "I love you
But it was all too much
And all I wanted
Was to be truly okay
Even for just a day
So I wouldn't have to lie anymore
Because I say I'm good
But I'm barely surviving
And I wanted to live
But I don't want to stay here
With the torture
And the pain
Your poetic words won't take away
The thoughts, the pain, the brokenness
That I feel every day
Because it will never be okay
Because I know you hate me
And I know I did something to cause that
And I'm sorry
But I just can't take it anymore
I just want this nightmare to end
I just want my life to end


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