Legend of Zelda: True Love

Hey so I tried to write this fanfiction on fanfiction.net but then I found out that uploading the story was really complicated so I decided to do it here instead :)
I ama huge fan of the Legend of Zelda, so I couldn't resist but to write a fanfiction for it. My inspiration comes from other fanfiction I have read.
Enjoy, this is rated M just because of some romance stuff along the way, but nothing too serious :).

Chapter 1

A Simple Ordinary Day

"Liinnkk!!! Eh, Liinnnk? Do you mind helping me with the goats? They ain't listening to me lately!"

Link sat up in bed and smiled at hearing Fado' s worried voice. The goats never listened to him, because they always took a liking to Link.

"Eh, where is Epona? Shouldn't Illa be done washing her by now?" Fado asked curiously.

Link grimaced. Sure he didn't mind his best friend from childhood voluntarily wash his horse for him, it just seemed weird. He felt as though Illa really liked him, which was awkward for him because he didn't feel the same back.

He had another love interest, one that was way better than Ilia, at least according to him she was. Her name was Princess Zelda, and she was the most amazing thing Link had ever bestowed his eyes upon.

Link shook the thought from his mind. Even if he loved Princesss Zelda from the first day that they had met, he could never be her love interest. He was simply a common peasant, and nothing compared to the princess.

This is what he believed for a long time, though it was not true. Link was a hero to everyone from the lowley peasants to the Royal Family. He had saved everyone from Ganondorf' s evil reign and protected Hyrule from total chaos and destruction.

Link sighed as he made his way to the spring. He wished to tell Ilia the truth, but he was afraid that he would break her heart. He decided be quiet about it, because he had a good compassionate heart.

As he went around the corner, he saw a shocking but breathtaking sight. Standing before him was not Ilia, but Princess Zelda herself. She was barefoot with a simple and light white dress on, that flowed every time she took a step. She gracefully and slowly walked on the sand with her hand stretched out towards Epona' s nose. Epona reacted by gently puzzling her hand with her nose, which created an even stronger bond between the horse and girl.

Zelda laughed and threw her arms around Epona' s neck. She kissed the horse's cheek, and playfully nuzzled her head. Link smiled and blushed at this amazing sight, no one understood Epona like Zelda did. As he walked closer, Zelda' s attention shifted to him.

"Welcome, hero of time" she greeted while smiling brightly. "It appears me and Epona have come to an agreement, you simply must take me for a ride on this fine day." Zelda said cheerfully.

Link smiled. "Alight, alright but I must do that later because right now I promised Fado that I would round up his pesky goats for him. You know how they never listen to a word he says".

Zelda rolled her eyes and smirked. She knew that Link still had things he had to get done, but she wished that they could spend more time together. She couldn't help but feel... different when she was around him. All the stress of her royal and proper duties seemed to fade away when she was near him. She wouldn't want it any other way, that's for sure.

"Heya!" Link shouted as he nudged Epona towards the last goat. Before he could blink an eye, the goat was in the barn. "That is all 20 of them" Link sighed with satisfaction. The whole time he was herding goats however, his mind was on something else. He couldn't stop thinking about Zelda, and the ride they had planned that afternoon.

"You want to jump some fences today, bud?" Fado asked thoughtfully. "Actually, I will pass. I have something else I have to get done. Thank you though, goodbye Fado!" Link said as he hurried off. "Alright pal, just let me know whenever you feel like it to jump fences and I'll set 'em up for ya!" Fado shouted after him, as Link turned the corner and disappeared from sight.

Soooo I know this was kind of short but I feel like this story will not be abandoned. The other stories I honestly forgot about, but I will add new chapters at some point. This one is more interesting though so new chapters soon! Lemme know what you think in the comments. Also don't be afraid to give constructive criticism, as long as it's not extremely rude. I would love to hear ideas on how I can improve the story. It's like one in the morning though so I am going to bed! Night! :)

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