Riverleaf's Surprise ~ A Warrior Cats Fanfiction

This is only for Warriors fans as I don't want to really explain it all :) Too lazy

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Riverkit yawned. Her sister, Splashkit, lay beside her--no, that was her mother, Hollyflight. Splashkit had been taken away by fearsome LightClan warriors while giving Lilyheart's kit Sugarkit a tour of the camp. Her eyes watered at the sad memory. But the Gathering was coming, and Hazelstar was surely going to give the outspoken LightClan leader Yellowstar a good telling-off. Yellowstar would have no choice but to hand over Sugarkit and Splashkit.

Her sister, Smokykit, yawned and stretched next to her. "Hey, Riverkit, what's up?" she purred, blinking sleep out of her starry violet eyes. So today they were violet. Maybe later they'd turn green. Smokykit's eyes were given as a gift to her from StarClan. They changed color according to her mood. Riverkit's eyes were sort of the same. Her eyes varied between two colors: green and blue. She wondered what color they were now. Splashkit had been the only one of Hollyflight's litter not to have changing eyes. It had never bothered the three kits before, but they had finally noticed that more of the Clan marveled at Riverkit and Smokykit than Splashkit. That was before Splashkit left.

"I'm going to go out. It's too stuffy in here," declared Riverkit.

"I'll come with you!" Smokykit scrambled out of the nest eagerly.

"Stay in the camp and don't wake Lilyheart and Slitherkit," Hollyflight murmured drowsily. On the other side of the nursery, the tabby she-cat curled protectively around her remaining kit.

"Don't worry!" Riverkit whispered, squeezing through the nursery opening. Outside, Hazelstar and her deputy, Bluewing, conversed quietly. The dawn patrol was just leaving their nests.

"Hey, kits!" Their father, Tigerblaze, approached them. "You're up early."

"We want to hunt!" chirped Smokykit. "Let us join the dawn patrol!"

"Yes! Please, Tigerblaze?" pleaded Riverkit.

"You'll have plenty of chances to do the dawn patrol when you're apprentices," purred Tigerblaze. "Remember, your apprentice ceremony is today. Your mentors will want to take you on patrol."

"Oh, cool! I remember now!" squeaked Smokykit. "I can't wait! When is it?"

"When everybody wakes up," Tigerblaze responded dryly.

"Tigerblaze!" called a golden brown tom from the other side of the clearing. "Are you coming on patrol or what?"

"Sure, Lionclaw, I'll be right there!" Tigerblaze flicked his tail at the kits and bounded across, leaving camp with the patrol.

"Who do you want for your mentor?" Smokykit asked.

"Probably Willowleaf, or maybe Roseleaf," decided Riverkit.

"You won't get Willowleaf, she's only just left the nursery after helping Hollyflight settle in," disagreed Smokykit.

"Well, who do you want, then?" retorted Riverkit.

"Jayfeather, maybe, or Firefrost." Smokykit chirped.

"Not them, they're too grouchy!" Riverkit exclaimed.

"They are not!" protested Smokykit.

Slitherkit wriggled out of the nursery behind them, her gold and black fur smooth. "Well, I want Brightspots," she announced. "When I become an apprentice."

"No way! You want to be a medicine cat? But Lilyheart and Firefrost want you to become a warrior!" Riverkit exclaimed.

"Well, too bad for my parents, 'cause I'm gonna be a medicine cat," declared Slitherkit.

"Well, I'm going to be a warrior!" Smokykit purred.

"Good for you, Smokykit," Bluewing padded over. "We're holding the ceremony right after the dawn patrol gets back. Get yourselves ready!"

Hollyflight and Lilyheart bustled out of the nursery. "Look at your fur, Smokykit, it's a mess!" Hollyflight complained, beginning to wash the ginger-brown kit. "Lilyheart, will you wash Riverkit?"

"Of course, Hollyflight." The tabby queen leaned over and began smoothing Riverkit's dark gray pelt.

Riverkit wriggled away. "Stop, Lilyheart! I'm an apprentice! I can do my own fur!"

"You're not an apprentice yet, and until then, I do your fur for you!" the queen growled good-naturedly.

Hazelstar's yowl sounded from Shadowrock. "Let all cats old enough to blend in to darkness gather here under Shadowrock for a Clan meeting!"

Smokykit fluffed out her beautiful fur and sprinted away to the Shadowrock, followed closely by Hollyflight. Slitherkit looked wistfully after her.

"I'll be alone in the nursery now," she sighed. Riverkit flicked her tail sympathetically.

"Don't worry, I'll come back and play with you," Riverkit promised.

Slitherkit's eyes brightened. "Thanks, Riverkit."

Lilyheart ushered the two kits to the bottom of the Shadowrock, where the Clan had already gathered.

"Riverkit, Smokykit, and Slitherkit, come forward." Hazelstar called.

Surprised murmurs rippled through the surrounding cats. Slitherkit was only five moons old! She had to wait for another moon to become an apprentice!

"Brightspots has been trying desperately to restock her herbs ever since the Gathering Battle, and she has expressed to me that she wouldn’t mind another pair of paws for help. She has also expressed to me that a certain kit seems interested in giving her that help. Slitherkit, you are only five moons old, but I think that it isn't fair to keep you in the nursery alone for another moon. You will now be called Slitherpaw, and your mentor will be Brightspots."

Approval swam through the Clan, but Riverkit noticed that Lilyheart, who had looked pleased just a minute ago, now had an expression of mingling disapproval and unhappiness on her face. Firefrost, Slitherpaw's father, was tearing at the ground with his claws.

"Smokykit, you have reached your sixth moon and are eligible to become an apprentice warrior. Until you receive your warrior name, you will be called Smokypaw. It has been quite a long time since I have taken an apprentice. I will mentor you."

Hollyflight and Tigerblaze looked ready to burst with pride. The Clan leader rarely took on an apprentice; usually, she only mentored the kits of her deputies and senior warriors. Riverkit felt a flash of envy, but pushed it away. This is my sister, I should be proud of her!

"Riverkit, you have also reached your sixth moon. From this day forward until your warrior ceremony, you will be known as Riverpaw. Your mentor will be Dewcloud."

The young ginger-and-white warrior purred as she touched noses with Riverpaw. "You're going to be the best apprentice in the Clan!" Dewcloud promised.

"Slitherpaw! Smokypaw! Riverpaw!" The Clan chanted, swarming forward to congratulate the new apprentices and mentors.

"Well done, Dewcloud," a low, husky purr sounded from Riverpaw's left. "Now I know why I didn't get asked to mentor Riverpaw."

"Thanks, Thundertail," Dewcloud twined her tail with the dark gray striped tom and touched noses with him. "Riverpaw, this is Thundertail. He was born a moon earlier than me, but we grew up together as denmates."

"Hello, Thundertail," Riverpaw said shyly. Before the handsome warrior had a chance to speak, a very pale ginger she-cat pushed her way through the crowd.

"Congratulations, Dewcloud! And you too, Riverpaw!" the she-cat panted. "Do you remember me? I’m Valleyhope. I used to bring fresh moss into the nursery for Hollyflight when I was an apprentice."

"Hello, Valleyhope," Riverpaw purred. After chatting a little bit with the warriors, she decided that she couldn't take the sight of Dewcloud being moony-eyed over Thundertail any longer and excused herself to go and find Smokypaw.

Smokypaw was already with the deputy, leader and a group of senior warriors. Envy pricked Riverpaw again. Why did Smokypaw get to meet all the important cats, and Riverpaw get to meet all the foolish, romantic young warriors?

"You’ll be training with Owlflight, or Roseleaf, or another senior warrior if Bluewing and I are busy," Hazelstar explained. Smokypaw's eyes flashed an excited green color.

Riverpaw nudged Smokypaw with her shoulder. "Congrats!" she purred.

Smokypaw turned to Riverpaw distractedly. "Yeah, congrats, Riverpaw--hey, if you don't mind, Hazelstar's going to take me hunting with Bluewing now," she mumbled, before darting off to follow Bluewing out of the camp. Roseleaf and Owlflight followed them.

The party was breaking up now. Apparently, Bluewing had left the patrols with Brackenfur, and he organized them swiftly. Dewcloud came over to Riverpaw.

"Hey, Riverpaw, we're doing a border patrol with Sorrelflower and Mistypelt, and then I've got warrior duties and you're going to search the elders for ticks." she announced.

"Fine, whatever," Riverpaw muttered.

Sorrelflower, a small brown she-cat, led the patrol out of camp. "We're bound to come back to camp early, as we're patrolling the ShadowClan border." she warned. "So don't prepare your battle instincts, because we don’t want to ruffle Dawnstar's fur now, when LightClan and MeadowClan are so hostile." Dawnstar, the beautiful rosy cream leader of ShadowClan, had been sisters with Hazelstar. Riverpaw recalled one of Hollyflight's nursery stories. LightClan and MeadowClan had rebelled against the two halfClan leaders, though defeated, were still hostile despite the cheery display that they put on most of the time.

"Of course not. We're a border patrol, not a battle patrol," Mistypelt assured. The elderly gray-blue she-cat smoothed her fur with a quick lick. "Let's go."

Dewcloud padded ahead with Sorrelflower, leaving Riverpaw to walk beside Mistypelt. Mistypelt weaved around her silently, then called ahead "Hey, Sorrelflower! Let's split up and see if we can bring back prey! ShadowClan won't try anything if we miss a day of patrol along their border."

"I don't know, we still need to obey orders," Sorrelflower responded doubtfully. "How about Dewcloud and Riverpaw go back and find prey, and you and I go forward to remark the border?"

Dewcloud looked disappointed. Mistypelt, noticing the young warrior's hesitation, gently suggested "How about I take Riverpaw hunting?"

"I've instructed her to see to the elders' ticks, so Riverpaw's not going to be any worry. Just take her back to camp and see that she knows how to do the bedding and ticks." Dewcloud told her.

Mistypelt looked faintly surprised. "For the rest of the day? What about exploring DarkClan territory? If she ever leads a patrol, she'll need to know where to go!" she pointed out.

"I'll teach her that when I please. After all, I'm her mentor, not you," reminded Dewcloud. Mistypelt dipped her head and led Riverpaw away.

"You'll be searching me for ticks before long, youngling," Mistypelt purred. “Hazelstar has required that I move into the elders' den tomorrow."

"Oh," muttered Riverpaw. "Hopefully Smokypaw'll do the elders' ticks for a change, too."

"You're jealous of your sister, are you," murmured Mistypelt. "I’m afraid you'll have many more reasons to be jealous of her. But you must keep your head up and ears pricked. You have a great destiny ahead of you, Riverpaw."

Riverpaw was silent. A great destiny? She hoped so. Someday, she'd be better than Smokypaw.

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