The Thing About Mary-Sues

This is a rant about Mary-Sues. I hope you find some sort of amusement in my anger and annoyance.

Chapter 1

Part I

by: Eunoia
What is a Mary-Sue? Accoring to Wikipedia, "a "Mary Sue" is judged a poorly developed character, too perfect and lacking in realism to be interesting." In other words, a Mary-Sue is a perfect character.

But Mary-Sue's aren't always noticeable. You may unconsciously be writing about one right now. After reading some of my old stories, I'll admit that some of my chacters were terrible Sues, and my own character was annoying the heck out of me. I know it's fun to write about characters that have attributes we wish we had ourselves, but it can actually be quite irritating to some readers.

Everyone wants to write about attractive characters. Yeah, I know that beauty doesn't make a character a Mary-Sue, but for once I'd like to read about a character that's not as pretty or handsome. For once I'd like to read about a character that doesn't have one of the following attributes:

- pretty

- intelligent

- sensitive, considerate

- likeableness

For once I'd like to read about a character who isn't as likeable. For once I'd like to read about someone who isn't all that intelligent. The funny thing is that there are barely any overweight characters in YA Fiction, and everyone goes on and on about how weight doesn't matter and that everyone is beautiful.

Probably the reason why I feel this way is because I'm the opposite of a Mary-Sue. I've somehow inherited every single bad attribute one person can have. I'm impatient, awkward, unlikeable, lazy, stubborn, rude, untalented, and I can be really mean sometimes.

But for once, just once, I'd like to read about a character whom I can actually relate to.

And then there are the love interests.

Take Twilight for example-- Bella had two beautiful men who were both desperately in love with her. I feel that the series would actually have a lot more meaning if Edward wasn't at all attractive. If he was just a blood sucking demon, and he and Bella loved each other, I don't think it would be so bad.

It seems that in almost every book and story that I've read, the love interest is incredibly attractive. Again, I'm not saying that beauty makes a character a Sue, but I've never read a story where the love interest is not handsome and muscular and perfect.

And there's that cliche story in which the popular guy starts liking an unpopular girl, simply because he loves her personality and she just-so-happens to be pretty. To be honest, that's practically a fantasy comparing to reality.

At school, a popular guy wouldn't even look at an unpopular girl. Most boys just want a girl with a hot body or a pretty face. We've all said that we value personality more than looks, but honestly, it's in our nature to feel more attracted to a cute guy/girl rather than someone who isn't as pretty or good-looking. And I am a hypocrite as I say this, but it bothers me so much. It feels like the standards in society have already been set; and if you don't reach them, then you're dubbed weird/annoying and pretty much f(v)cked.

Once, I was on youtube and I watched a clip from the movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It was the scene where Charlie sits at lunch alone, reading a book and looking around nervously. In the comments, almost every single comment read: I'd sit with Charlie! or Awh, poor Charlie!.

Probably the only reason why they said they'd sit with Charlie is because Logan Lerman, the actor who plays him, is cute. In reality, there's a "Charlie" at every school, the one who doesn't really have any friends and has nobody to sit with at lunch. Every single person who posted a comment like that probably doesn't realize this.

Well, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I really don't like Mary-Sues, so please stop writing about them.


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