Group Story Sign Ups!!!

Okay, I love group stories so I'm making another one!!! All the details will be below! ^^

Chapter 1

An original group story

by: Grunge
In this group story I will need AT LEAST TWO BOY CHARACTERS, yes that's right it's a requirment this time! I'll also need at least two other female characters! These characters need to be from another dimension, like faeries, elves, sylphs, and mer-people. All characters must be 13-18 years old with their own unique trait, powers, and name. They cannot have more than one main power (Ex. not like can control all elements) and cannot be a bad guy but they can be somewhat evil. The characters also all have to be different, I'd like it if there was like one shy person and stuff and like one of each element per character!

The sign up requirments:

Type of being:
Love Interest (opt.):

My character:

Name: Lilith
Age: 15
Type of being: Banshee
Powers: can take souls, control peoples dreams, uses the element of darkness.
Appearance: short white hair, red eyes, pale, short and slim. (except with short hair)
Personality: loud, observant, curious, funny, sly, coy, sassy, unpredictable.
Love Interest (opt.): another male character (maybe)
Friends: other main characters
Family: none
Extras: loves cats, used to be evil.

So the story is about a group of teens who live in the other dimension. They go to a school like normal teens but instead they learn about magic, their powers and the evil force that is agaisnt them. Lilith used to be part of the evil force, but she was brain washed while she was in it. She is the only one left out of the Banshee clan so that's why they wanted her. Banshees were known for their power and their complete control of the darkness element. This evil force keeps on taking the people one by one and killing them each night, and nobody knows who will be next. They need to stop them!

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