Tips And Tricks For The Average Woman

READ THIS. These are tips and tricks for every girl. Whenever I have a new tip/trick, I will post it here. These are not from me, they have been found in multiple places such as the internet. WARNING: What works for me, may not work for you!!!

Chapter 1

Don't Sweat It!

Don't you hate those pesky fuzzies you get on your sweater that won't come off? And the handy dandy lint roller can't save it? Here's a simple solution.

Take a regular razor. Spread out your sweater and begin shaving it such as you would shave your legs. This will remove those fuzzies, but it may take some time. Afterwards, take some duct tape and go over with that. it should remove the leftover fuzzies and loosen the leftover ones.

WARNING: Depending on the thickness of your sweater, the more gentle,hard you can use your razor. The thinner the sweater, the gentler you should be so to not poke holes in your sweater!

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