Marauder Era Group Story

The writers are me and danielle6060

Chapter 1


Name: Belle Andrews
Age: 11
Year: 1st
House: not sorted yet
Looks: colour changing hair that goes down to her shoulders, Brown eyes Personality: shy, kind, loves to laugh, bookworm
Blood: half
Family: mum(muggle born witch) dad(pure blood wizard), only child
Friends: none yet
Enemies: none yet
Special(optional): metamorphosis (gets it from her dad)
Crush: none yet (in the future Remus)
Hi, my names Belle, my name means beautiful, but in my opinion, I am anything but. I went to a muggle primary school because my mum is muggle born, and got made fun of because of my colour changing hair, even the teachers thought I was a bit of a freak, ad teachers aren't meant to judge. I am a half blood witch and get my metamorphosis power from my dad. This year, I am going to Hogwarts, and I am super exited because of all the stories my mum and dad tell me. Well got to go, don't want to miss the train!

Name: Evangeline (called Evie) LeBlanc
House: not sorted
Looks: curly black hair, pale skin, green eyes
Personality: keeps to herself mostly, loves anime/manga
Blood: pure
Family: father, mother (dead), older brother (year four Hufflepuff)
Friends: brother's friends (kinda)
Enemies: none yet
Special: knows lots of languages
Crush: Sirius (in the future)
Bio: Hi, my name is Evie. I lived in France until I was six. I can't wait to go to school! It's going to be fun!

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