No More ~ A Doctor Who Fan-Fic

Chapter 1

The Doctress: Gallifrey Falls

"NO!" I heard a Child scream as It Was being Separated from it's mother.

"Leah!" I shouted for my daughter. "Mummy!" She yelled being pulled away by a Dalek.
"Doctor!" I grabbed on my husbands arm. "Janel, I Have To Do This." He said.
"No!" I hugged him. "Goodbye, My Beautiful Wife." He rubbed on my chin and let go of my hand and vanished.

"Whoever Rules This World; Whoever Made This Happen. I will kill you and everyone you care for one day, one fateful day." I made a fist and Kicked a Dalek in the head. "STAY AWAY FROM MY FAMILY!!!!!" I yelled. "Ex-E-Cute The Doctress!" A Dalek Growled.

"How many children are on Gallifrey right now?" I heard a voice in my mind.

"Why do you make me count when Soon there will be No More?" No More, It Was By My Husband. I didn't understand by they all showed up at once...fighting the Daleks.

"No, NO MORE!!!!!" I ran to my TARDIS and shut the door.
"No more, No more, No more!" I thought in my head going somewhere in time.

I don't know where.

I don't know when.

Just No More!
I flipped the switch and smiled as it vanished. "I'LL LEAVE THIS PATHETIC WORLD!!!!!!" I yelled. But, I Will Find My Little Leah and My Clever Boy One Day.

Dead or Alive.

"CRASH!!!!!" I looked out my door to see a grass land. A little cottage was sitting on the corner.

I blinked and there was a city, when tons of buildings. I just shook my head and kept on walking.

"Hello!" A woman stepped in front of me.

"Hi?" I shrugged clutching onto my Sonic Screwdriver in case of Danger.

"I'm Sylvia Salvidar! New in town lately?" She asked.

"I'm from the old? Or the new? I don't know. But I'm The Doctress." I said.

"Yes. I am lost? Do you know your way around anywhere in the world?" She said.

"Yes. I'm from a country called um....Gallifreet. It's new!" I smiled.

"I'm going to google it." Sylvia took out her phone.

"Oh! It's secret! Um...I'm very lost. Maybe even Lost in time." I said.

"Sometimes I think I am too!" She smiled.
"Do you like...Adventure?" I asked walking towards her.
"Yes. I'm actually a Scientist." Sylvia smiled.
"Do you like...When your mind is amazed?" I asked walking even closer.
"Yes! Somethings in this world are IMPOSSIBLE!!!!" She smiled.
"I have something Impossible. Come with me and you'll see it." I said walking even closer.

I grabbed her arm and threw her in my TARDIS. "Did I just walk into a Vending Machine?" Sylvia asked.

"A TARDIS, and You see I Time Travel. Now Let's Go Find Someone who is very special to me. Very." I flipped the switch.

"Ready for an Adventure?" I asked.

"YES!!!!" Sylvia smiled.

"Badabing! Badabo!" I smiled.

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