Don't say that (part 2)

You'll have to read part 1 to understand this ! I know its alot but I worked super hard on it ! enjoy !

Chapter 1

Whats going on?

by: JerseyJay
So I was very nervous at this point. She had said it like it was bad. I drove to her house and knocked on her door, there was a Jeep and a Mercedes car. My heart started beating as I walked up to the door. I knocked slowly, because perhaps, I was shaky. Now I really like this guy, and I didn't want him to think I was sloppy or something.. I don't know I just don't want him to not like me.

I waited patiently until a women came to the door. She was about the same height as Zoe and had bra length hair. She had deep green eyes and she looked tan too, she looked like someone from New Jersey. She was fit and had a black smokey eye and red lipstick. "Hello!" She said in a excited voice. "Hey," I said I as smiled politely. "Zoe?" She asked . "Yes m'am." She smiled and called for Zoe. "Hi I am Zoe's mom Brenda. You are?" She said as she shook my hand. "Kasee. Nice to meet you." She let go of my hand. "You too , sweetie." Zoe came behind Brenda. "Hey! Come in." She said. I walked in and another women was sitting on the couch. She had wavy,layered brown hair to her shoulders and light brown eyes. She was sorta of a olive skin tone and she was wearing a blue shirt that said AREO in white letters across her chest, then some skinny jeans that were dark blue and had on a pair of grey flats on. That must be Nick's mom.

We walked up to her bedroom and sat on her bed. "That was Nick's mom." She told me. "I figured. " I replied back. "Nick's here!" She said happily. My heart started beating. "Is he?" I asked. "Yes,haha he's in our back yard to fix something. He's amazing at things." I smiled. "That's cool." I said because had nothing else to say. "You wanna know what he told me?" I looked at her. I started getting very hot. "What?" I said. "He told me you smell good." I was thinking to myself, why couldn't he have told me, why did he go up to her and tell her. "Then why did he tell you that and not me?" She laughed. "Because he said you were hot, and he wanted to hang out with you sometime." I smiled kinda not believing it. "Umm, you sure?" She raised her eyebrows. "Yes of course!" All of a sudden Nick walked in the room. You could tell he was shocked but didn't want to show it. "Hey Nick." Zoe replied. "Hey Zo." He replied back. It was really awkward. "Well I gotta go to the bathroom." Zoe said. "Good luck." She whispered in my ear. I thought she wasn't going to make things awkward. It was silence for a while. "Your the one that was my partner in art class." I shook my hand. "Yes and you were my partner in art class." He smiled and laughed a little. "Your a cool person. " He told me. Even though I didn't think I was cool whatsoever, but he probably just said that to break the awkwardness. "Thank you." I said. "You..too?" I said weirdly. "Haha." Zoe came in sat down next to me. "Nick , she is new here and she's gonna be my best friend." Zoe said. I was smiling and laughing lightly. "Do you have any other friends then Zoe?" He asked me. "Not yet." I said. Looking like a complete loser. "I'll have to introduce you to some of my friends from last year, there a bunch of back stabbers but hopefully your not like that, but I can tell by the way you are your not." It was like she was some physic , because usually when people see me they think I am a stuck up popular girl. "I'm not." I replied. "Good." She replied back. After awhile my mom texted me to come home so I can take my brother to the job interview. "Bye, I have to go take my brother to his job interview." I said as I stood up. "Bye, text me when you done." Zoe said. "Bye Kasee." Nick said.

So when I got done taking my brother to his job I went home and rested just thinking to myself. I got up and ate dinner went up to my room. I brushed my teeth and put on my pj's. I put my hair in a messy bun and out on my glasses. I went on my phone and texted Zoe. We texted awhile until I fell asleep. The next morning I took a shower then straightened my hair , did my original makeup and ate breakfast and brushed my teeth. I wore my skinny jeans and my tan combat boots and a my pink floral tank with blue flowers, sprayed on some coca-nut perfume, then put on my gold long necklaces that had my name in cursive letters. As usual I drove my brother and I to the school. In the hall ways my friend Zoe came to me and dragged my arm. "Come meet some of my friends from last year." She said as she brung me to a group of 3 girls. "This is Charolette, Avon, and Eve." Charolette had bone straight Carmel colored hair that was to collar bone with dark brown eyes. She was wearing a peach colored eye shadow and clear lipgloss , her eye liner was thick at the top and she didn't have any at the bottom lid, she was wearing a polka-dotted crop to with a white tank under neath and light colored denim skinny jeans with white Toms. She was about he height of Zoe, and so were the two of them and she was skinny, like the other ones. Avon had curly dark brown hair with blonde at the end and her hair came to her bra strap and she was brown and her makeup was cute, she had a cute winged eyeliner with fake eyelashes and red lips. She was wearing a red tank top under a white shirt you could see through and dark blue skinny's with black flats. Eve, she was really pretty like the rest of them. She had light blue eyes with dark blue trimming around it. She had a olive skin tone and her hair was waist length, wavy, and pale blonde. She had a floral shirt on with a white floral vest and then light colored skinny's with white flats. "Hey." I said nervous. "Hey!" They all said spiritually. "Are you new here?" Eve asked. She had a sweet soft, tone. "Yes." I replied. "Your really pretty." Avon complimented me. "Thanks, too." I said smiling. "You should come sit with us at lunch, you could with us." Charolette said. I looked at Zoe, "Umm.. Sure." Charolette smiled and walked away with the rest of the girls. "Okay, good!" Charolette said as she walked away. "Is it alright?" I asked Zoe. "Yes, just don't follow their league.. Its like a trap. Be careful what you do." Zoe said as she locked arms with me and walked to homeroom.
In gym we were running for warm ups, so Charolette ran up with me. "Hey, you never told me your name." I turned to her. "Kasee." She smiled . "Well its nice to meet you, we should hang out some time." She said. "And Zoe?" I replied. "Well, me you and Avon and Eve." I was confused. Like were they trying to use me ? "Well okay, but whats wrong with Zoe?" I asked sounding as if I can't live without her. "Well, I was once like you, her friend. Yes, we were in the 8th grade and we were like Bffs. Like we hung out all the time. Well when her and Nick started dating, she never talk to me, so one day I asked her if we could hang out , because you know I missed her. We told secrets and had an awesome party. So I told her who I liked. So one day when her and Nick was dating I went up to him and we were making jokes, and then we hugged, no it wasn't a flirting hug it was a friend hug. She thought I was flirting with him. So she broke up with Nick, and got with the guy I liked. We worked things out last year but this year , its a little different." It was a little hard to believe because Zoe seemed like a very nice girl. "Oh, well maybe you should of told her that you weren't, but that happened years ago, so its not like she can still be mad at you for it." She shook her head and it was time to stop.

Well when I got home I didn't really eat because I wasn't really that hungry. I had to call Starbucks so I can see when I get an interview. I unpacked my things and called Starbucks , they told me that I will get an interview on Friday, also like my brother. My phone started ringing. "Hello?" I answered. It was Zoe. "Hey, Umm what did Charolette say to you to today in gym?" She asked. "She just told me something about you in her in 8th grade." It was a silence like what Charolette said was true. "Oh.. it was a really big rumor. People called me a whore.. Like she ruined my life." It was really confusing. It was really hard not knowing which person's story was true."Oh I'm sorry, why did she start the rumor?" Zoe sighed. "She thought I was so pretty and popular, and I get an advantage on everything. I mean when I dating Nick I never really talk to her, and that was my fault. I shouldn't of put boys before my best friend, and she told everyone I broke up with Nick so I can get back at her by flirting with her crush. First of all I didn't flirt with him he flirt with me because he liked me at the time. He was teasing me and I told him to stop and I was smiling and I knew she was looking. But it looked like I was flirting with her crush. So she found new friends and told them all the same, I had no one until you came a long. I'm not using you to get back at her, and I didn't break up with Nick because of that, like I said he was to shy and I was tired of making the first move." I kinda believed Zoe because it sounded like she meant it and Charolette did look like the type of girl to get back a someone by starting a rumor. But I was new here and couldn't know how either of them was. "Yea, well l won't stab you in the back.. people told me that they didn't know what to do without me because I was the only one there for them." I said. "Well, be my best friend , don't leave me out. I needed someone when no one was there for me.. and hopefully I have somebody there for me when no one else is." It was the feeling you had that you felt as if you should never disrespect that person. It was my job to be there for her. "Zoe , You can count on me. Sit with me and them in lunch. She invited me to hang out with her and her friends.. do you wan't me to go?" I asked. "Yea,sure, I don't care. But I got to go... See you tomorrow." I said bye and hung up. Okay I was here for 2 weeks.. What is going on?

School was out because it was teacher work day. I layed in bed, with my frame glasses on and my hair in a bun. It was hard trying to look perfect all the time. I took a shower and straighten my hair then put it in a high pony tail. I just put on mascara.. a lot then red lip gloss. I put on some black shorts on that were rolled up at the bottom and then wore a red shirt that said Hollister across my chest. I did my toenails red and wore rainbow leather flip flops on, then sprayed sunshine perfume on. I went out of the house grabbing K special fruit bar, and the a bottle of flavored water. "I'm going out for a drive... I'll be back." I told my family. "Bye." They all said. As you can tell I always went out of the house. I got in the car and sat there. I called Zoe. "Hello?" She answered. "Hey Zoe." I replied. "Hey! Whats up?" She said. "Nothing much.. Would you like to drive around with me?" I asked her. "Yea!! Come on over." I started my car and drove over to her house. "Okay , I'll be there in a Minute ." I walked to her house and Nick answered the door. "Hey Kasee." He replied to me. "Hey Nick.. Is Zoe here ?" I asked nervously. "Yes.. Come in." I didn't see either of their parents there so Zoe and Nick must been here alone. Zoe came down the curved stairs and she looked totally different. "Hey ! Come up here with me.. I need to get ready!" So I followed her up the stairs into the room .. and so did Nick. She had her hair in a high messy bun with a long sleeve shirt on that had Miney Mouse on it, then she had black sweats on that had our schools name on the upper thigh part. She was wearing no makeup. I sat on the bed with Nick and she pick out her clothes in the dresser. "I have that same shirt and shoes as you.. can I match you?" She asked. "Yea . Totally." I said smiling. She picked out shorts that were a dark blue and could see the pockets and on fake hole. She went in the bathroom and it was an awkward silence between Nick and I. Zoe hurried up and pretty much looked like me except for the shorts.. but it was close. She put on her foundation and we all started talking. She wore mascara and put her hair that same way I did. She looked very pretty. She wasn't coping, we were matching. She sprayed on some Sweet Angel perfume. "Nick you wanna come with us?" She ask him without asking me.. even though I wanted him to come. "Is it okay with you?" He asked me. "Yea I don't care." I said sweetly. We all stood up and went in my car. "I'm texting my mom to tell her were going to drive around." She told Nick. "Okay." He told Zoe. "So is there any place you wanna go?" I asked the both of them. "We should go to the...beach!" Zoe said happily. So I drove to the beach, it was very pretty and I never lived at a beach before. The waves were wonderful. The sun was bright and the ocean was crystal blue. She got her phone and handed it to Nick. "Nick! Take a picture of us!" She told him as she grabbed my wrist and ran in front of the beach, she let go and stood beside and and grabbed my side and I did the same while our other hand was on our hips. He took the picture and it was stunning- So I told him to take one on my phone , but politely. We hugged each other and the wind was blowing and our hair was in our face we both were smiling big and it was another stunning picture. So we walked on the side walk talking. Sooner or later we sat on the bench, it was hot outside. Zoe walked in a near by store to get us all drinks. She was trying to do every possible thing to get Nick and I alone. When she walked away, Nick turned to me. "I have to tell you something." He told me. Oh god. I instantly thought. "Yes?" I said get hotter then I already was. "Uhmm... I like you." He said to me. I smiled and couldn't help it. "As a friend?" I answered stupidly. "Haha.. I like you. Like.. Like like you." I was clearly blushing. "Nick.. I liked you ever since I layed eyes on you." I replied back. We looked in each other eyes for a long time. Then I could see him slowly lean in.. and so did I. Hey.. I liked this boy I'm gonna kiss him with every chance I got. Sooner or later my eyes were closed and his lips were on mine. I was literally screaming in my head right now. Of joy.

When Zoe came back Nick and I were in our original places. Looking like we didn't do anything. We grabbed our drinks then walked back on the side walk then on the beach. We took a lot of picture. I especially loved the ones of Nick and I. There was one were he was giving me a piggy back ride and a was laughing and the hair was in my face, and the one were he picked me up on his shoulder and I was laughing and screaming.. Having the fear that he was gonna drop me. We were at the beach for a little and we all wanted to hang out the whole day. So we decided to go to my future job (Star Bucks) And get a Frappuccino. We all sat down and talked. Star Bucks was a pretty place inside. I couldn't wait to get the job. We all didn't finish so we all went for another drive. So we all went to (you guess it!) Hollister. Zoe and I picked out the same outfit Hollister High Rise Super Skinny Jeans and and a white tank top and and a lime green shirt with a bird and California in blue , shirt and then Vintage Beaded Flip Flops along with a strapless Smock Pleated Sun dress, that was a Navy tube print. We both dress in the in the same changing room to see if it fit us. We both could fit the same size. After we got changed we both take a picture of us wearing the outfit and the dress. After we got into our clothes we bought the clothes. Nick had bought him self something that looked like our outfit but it was in mens. Duh. So we decided to go to the mall. When we entered the mall it was like the air brung out the crazy in the all of us. We all did dares and just acted plain stupid. I gave Zoe a piggy back ride and ran through out the mall, and Nick did this weird gallop thing. We went up the elevators when it was going down then down when they were going up. I guess we were too crazy because we got kicked out.

But we were laughing all the way back home. I dropped them off. When I walked to her door I gave Zoe a hug. "Bye." She told me. "I had a blast!" She said as she walked in her house. "We are definitely hanging Saturday!" She said as she peeked her head out the door. When she left it was me and Nick. He looked at me and held both of my hands. "Bye." He told me as he flirtly looked at me. Then slowly leaned for a kiss. Then let go then went back inside. "Bye." I whispered to myself as the door was already closed. I slowly walked back to my car. Filling as if I can drift off and fly onto a cloud and just relax. I drove myself home and put my things in my room. I sat in the living room with my dad. "Hey sweet girl. You have a fun day?" He asked me. "Yes daddy. It was amazing." My mom and brother came in. "Where have you been you little brat." My brother replied. "Places. You should come with us some time." He nodded his head. "Well, it would be funner if I did." I rolled my eyes. "Yea, sure."

The next day in school I met up with Charolette. "Hey Kasee." She said to me at my locker. "Hey Charolette." I said as I put my stuff up. "Do you mind if we could possibly hang today? You know with my friends?" She asked me. I looked around to see if Zoe was around. "Uhmm. Sure." She smiled then walked away. "Okay, good." I was not really feeling it. But I need more friends. But Zoe's my first.
When I went to her house Avon and Eve were sitting on her bed. I sat down with them. Her house was big to but not as big as Zoe's. Her room was blue and she had wooden floors, her room was very bright. She had a lot of pictures on her room and her bed was queen sized , and she had a mirror closet doors and she had long shelves on one side of her room that was full of shoes. "You wanna know something about Zoe?" Eve asked. "What?" I said. "She's a back stabber. She likes to use people." Charolette sat beside me. "Its true. Avon tell her the story." She told Avon. Avon sat on the floor in front me. "She likes to whisper Good Luck in your ear." I instantly thought about how she whispered good luck in my ears before. "There's this one time Charolette went into the store and Zoe whispered in her ear Good Luck. Well it was like she stepped in her little 'trap' well Zoe went in there in a few minutes then she told Charolette to go get her purse and wait out for her. Well the alarm went off. Well before they could say anything Charolette quickly put the stolen item out of the purse. So she wasn't in trouble. Then there was this one time where she was dropping Charolette of on a date and whispered Good Luck in her ear. Charolette thought it was another trap." She said. "Well what did you do?" I asked. "I whisper back in her ear." Then she whispered in my ear. "Don't Say That."


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