Don't say that.

Chapter 1


by: JerseyJay
It was the morning . Of Sunday , the day before school started. I had recently moved and was new. Even though I still didn't know what school I'm going to. I just layed in bed, not think about getting up or anything. I put my frame glasses on because I nearly couldn't see anything. I took out my hair bow to put all my hair that was out from were I was sleeping into a bun. I had black sweats on that said Swag on the side of it that had bold grey letters. I had a purple T-shirt on that said Nike on it with a orange check. I checked my phone and had a lot of messages that were from my friends texting me from where I used to live. I answered them all back, having the feeling to cry, but luckily staying strong. I moved into a house that had cream colored walls and black carpet. My bedroom was big, a little bigger then my old room. My bedroom was white with Navy colored trim. My carpet was a beige color. My bed was in the middle of my room against a wall, I had a big black dresser with a mirror against two medium sized windows, and the had a huge picture of a collage of me and my Best Friend at Hollister. Okay , maybe I was a little obsessed with Hollister, I literally go there every Saturday. I wasn't considered spoiled, I just had enough money to shop , but it wasn't like I would walk out the store with a billion bags. I had a good job back from where I lived , at 16 I worked at Subway and I did babysitting. I doesn't seem a lot but it was. When I'm 17 I plan on working at Hollister. It was 10:47 and I needed to pee. I stood up and went to my bathroom. After I was done I looked in the mirror and walked out. I went down my stairs to go to the kitchen.

I walked down there and saw my mom. My mom had blonde hair and it was short she always curled it so she looked like Marilyn Monroe, She was short and was tan, because how she always would tan. She looked like one of those stricked moms , but really , she wasn't. "Hey mom." I said . "Good Morning." She told me as she didn't look up from her phone. "You too." I replied as I looked in the refrigerator and then realized I wasn't really that hungry. I walked in the living room and my dad and big brother were sitting on the couch watching Television. I sat down on the single person couch and watched Tv. My mom came in the living room to sit next to my dad. "Kasee and Jaden you have to get ready at 2 o'clock because you two have to go school to meet your teachers and find out where your classes are." We both nodded our head. My brother was only a year in a half older then me. He only had one more year of school and he was out. My family and I watched TV for awhile and soon it was 11:32. I got up and now I was starving. I went to the kitchen and made a salad. I sat in the dining room table and ate as I went through my Instagram. After I was done eating I went up to my room and cleaned it up a little bit and unpacked a couple of bags I didn't do a week ago. I opened my blinds and let the sunshine in. My room looked very inviting. I picked out my clothes , a blue Hollister shirt with Hollister black skinny jeans. It was time I decided to take a shower. I let my hair down and brushed it. I hopped in the shower and washed my body. I got out and put my clothes on and brushed my hair. I blow dried it and then straightened it. My hair was waist length and it gets knotty very easy. My hair was ombre, Dark brown to light brown to blonde. I put on my makeup with a simply cat eye with mascara and hot pink lip gloss. It was 12:28. I put on my tan combat boots on and put on my glasses and then grabbed my phone. I walked down stairs and then told my family I was going for a drive , they all nodded their heads while looking at the TV. I walked out and shut the door behind me. I went to Hollister, (Know one would of guessed where I went) and bought me an outfit for the first day of my new school. I got a Navy Blue floral shirt with a zipper on the back with some dark blue skinny jeans, with some white flats.

After that I went to go look around for a job. I saw one that looked really neat. It was Starbucks, and it was hiring. I went in the store and asked if I could possibly get hired. They told me to give them my number and said for me to call them on Wednesday. So we could meet up and get me an Interview. I said Okay and walked out the store. I went home and walked inside. My dad was the only one still watching TV. My mom and brother were getting ready. "Dad Im Interviewing for a job.. It Starbucks!" I said happily. " Good! Only if your brother can get a job." We both chuckled. "Well maybe tomorrow after school I can take him out and let him look for a descent job." My dad nodded his head. "That's what you outta do, he never gonna get his own place when he 18." I sat down. "That is true dad." My mom and brother came out and were ready to go the school. "Ready baby?" She asked me. "Yes." My brother , mom and I walked out the door. We went into my mom car and drove to the High School. We went to the principles and got our packet. After that was done my mom walked my brother and I to our classes and met the teachers. I looked at every girl in the halls. They hugged their friends. "Omg ! I haven't seen you since last year!" I heard a lot of the say. "She is hott." My brother said to me as he pointed at this girl that was tan and had brunette hair with blonde streaks.Her hair was long like mine but it was like in beach waves. She was about 5'8 and was skinny, with a curvy body shape. I thought she was a fan of Hollister because she wore Hollister too. She had ocean blue eyes and had a thin line of eyeliner on top and bottom and pink lipstick on. She was pretty. I didn't really see any boys that I really liked, a couple were like beach babes , skaters , geeks and preps. After all that we went home. I went in my room to do my nails. I did acrylic white sparkly french nails, because I knew how to do it. That took a roughly 45 minutes. It was now almost 5. So I put my hair in a french braid and got into the bathroom to take off my makeup and got into a Over sized T-shirt and some shorts. I walked into the living room and my mom had cooked dinner,, pasta. After I ate I brushed my teeth and got all my school stuff together. I layed in bed checking my phone. I set an alarm for a time I was getting ready. 6:00. It was 5:30.

My alarm went off. I clicked dismissed and got up and stretched. I was a little excited to go to school , but not because I thought of me sitting alone , but I did think to myself I wont be the only new kid. I put my hair in a shower cap and took a shower. After I was done out of the shower I layed down on my bed and looked through my phone. I still had an hour and 15 minutes left. After about 10 minutes I went into the kitchen and made oatmeal with berries and bananas and straw berries. I ate my breakfast and then went into my bathroom and brushed my teeth. I put moisturizer on my face and the put on my foundation , blush my everyday cat eye and then my brownish lip gloss. I put on my new clothes and a sweet vanilla perfume. I let down my hair and it gave me beautiful waves. I parted my hair to the side and brushed it down then put some Frizz Free spray in it. After that it was about 7:00. Thirty more minutes to spare. I put on a diamond gold earrings and the a gold ring that had K.M.H as my initials. I put in my contacts because I wasn't feeling to much for the glasses. I grabbed my Sakroots book bag and went in the living room. My brother and mom and dad where talking. "Finally you little brat. Momma wants us to take pictures." My brother says. We start taking pictures as we usually do on the first day of school. We took some photos outside too. "Getting big." My dad said as he put his arm around my mom. "Sure are." She said to him. We had fifteen minutes to spare but we went to the school any ways. The first week of school there's always traffic. As soon as we got out of the car we went straight to our Homeroom. I didn't know anyone. But I seen that girl my brother called hot.

I sat on the middle row 2nd to the front. Surprisingly she sat beside me. She looked at me, I didn't look at her back I could just see in the corner of my eye. I instantly thought she was one of those snobby popular girls. She tapped on my shoulder. I looked at her. "Hey." She said to me. "Hey." I said back. I gotta closer look at her and she was stunning. "Are you new here?" She asked. "Yes. Moved her a couple of weeks ago." Even though it was one week. "Oh. Well your really gorgeous, you'll probably be popular this year. Me and you might get along very well." I smiled and then looked at the ground. "Ha. I don't think I'll be popular . But thanks, you are gorgeous too." I said. "Thanks , What your name?" She asked. "Kasee. Kasee Holliefield." I replied. "I'm Zoe Monet." I smiled at her. "Pretty name." She smiled back. "Thanks. Can I have your number?" She asked. I gave her my number even though I really didn't know her but had a feeling we were gonna be best friends. "How old are you?" I asked since I wouldn't let her ask all the questions. "16. You?" I raised my eyebrows. "Me too." She looked at my clothing. "Do you like Hollister?" She asked. "Yes I love it, do you?" I asked , feeling awkward for no reason. "Yes. Haha." It was obvious because she was wearing a pink Hollister shirt that said California on it with white wavy letters on it with light colored jeans with fake holes on it , and then the same combat boots I had. "I have those same boots." I told her. "Really? We should twin one day." I nodded my head. "We should." The teacher walked in the class room and we didn't talk to each other until end of class. So as I walked in my wheel class , Chorus , I noticed that she was in there too. I t seemed like she was in every one of my classes. "Kasee!" She called. "Come sit over here." She patted the seat next to hers. I walked over and sat beside her. "Hey Zoe." I said. "You smell good , haha." I smiled. "Thank you." I said "I think we have every class together." She said. "I think so too."

After that I went into my 2nd wheel. Art class, and you could of guessed it, she was in there too. We sat beside each other again. We were talking until this guy caught my eye and I lost eye contact with Zoe and like, starred at him. He was tan and had like a blondish light brownish hair color, not dirty blonde, he had light brown eyes and full lips, he had sorta of a wide nose, but he was hot. I looked back at Zoe, and she looked at me then him. "Nick." I looked at her. "Huh?" She looked at him. "That's Nick. He a guy from a wrestling team.. Do you.. like him?" My heart beated faster, should I tell her? I don't really know her. "Yes." I said quickly. Why did I do that? I said to my self. She smiled. "Don't worry I wont tell." It was a relief. "Okay.. please." He walked pasted us. "He Nick." She said. "Hey Zo." He said back then walked away with a group of friends. It was really awkward. "We should hang out, this after noon." I thought about my brother for a second. "Well I have to take my brother to look for a job.. But you could come with?" I said. "Yes that's perfectly fine. I'll text you." I nodded my head.

After school my mom came and got me and my brother. "So make any friends?" My mom asked. "Yes." My brother and I said. "And maybe we might hang out today." My mom looked at me. "That's great. Make sure I meet her." I turned to my brother. " Well dad and I talked and I'll take you to go look for a job.. You really need one." He looked at me. "Okay. Sis." We got home and I got a text from Zoe. It said to meet her at the gas station next to the train tracks." My brother and I got into the car and drove to the gas station. She was there sitting on a bench. I got out of the car and waved at her. She looked at me and walked over and got into my car. "Hey Kasee." She said. My brother introduced himself to her, because he's a charmer. We went to a lot of places and looked for one job. It was Game Stop. He got out of the car and talked to the people. While he was out Zoe and I talked. "Your brothers cute." She said. I smiled. "Yea, he's a chick magnet." She laughed. " Do you have a job?" She asked. "I might, on Wednesday I'm getting an interview for Starbucks, but I always wanted to work at Hollister." I said. "Yea me too. Right now I work at Sallys. I love it." The job suites her. "I love Sallys, I go there to get my products." I said, " Best thing to do." I shook my head. My brother was coming out of the store, then he walked into the car. "So any good luck?" I asked as I started my car. "Yes, Interview on Friday." I smiled. "That's good." I took my brother home and he said bye to both of us. "Lets go to Sallys." She said. "Okay." I said excitingly. We drove to Sallys and walked into the store. I bought a almond type of conditioner, that smelled like sweet butter. She got the same thing. I got some eye liner, some rosy pink nail polish, and then a curling wand. She bought red lipstick, mascara, foot butter and phone case that said 'Hair . Makeup . Looks.' with a picture of a barbie looking girl in the background. It was cute. After that she asked if I go to her house. I drove to her house and it was huge- "Wow." I said. We walked up to her house and the inside was so pretty. Cream colored walls with a chandelier , with those long couches and a big white rock fire place. We walked to her room. King sized bed, A 3x times as big as my dresser. and a porch. she had a big area that looked sorta like a stage but it had a clothes collection of Hollister then had a Hollister sign. We sat down on her round bed. "So she said as she got comfortable. "Nick?" She asked. "Well he's cute and just an eye catcher." She smiled. "He's mexican." Okay, now that was surprising. "Oh. Doesn't look like it." She shaked her head. "Yea his mom and my mom are Best Friends so he comes over a lot." I raised my eyebrows. Lucky. "Have you ever like him?" I asked. "Yes.. We dated in like 8th grade." Okay, lucky. "Why did you break up?" I asked. "Well, I had to always make the first move. He was shy back then.. But now he's not. But I'm totally over him." I looked down and twirled my fingers. "What is he like?" I said still looking down. "Well, he's funny as crap. He's a jokester. He might start liking you.. You are pretty hot. But no homo." I laughed. "Haha. Thank you. You too. So.. My brother?" She smiled. "He's cute. Like really." I smiled. "He likes you too." I said. She blushed. "Really? Ha." She walked to her dresser and put her hair in fish tale braid. "We should hang out again." She said. "We should." I replied. After she was done she sat one the bed. "He's coming over tomorrow.. You should come over." I was excited but nervous. "Well. It would be awkward." I said. "No it wouldn't.. If you want him your gonna have to learn to talk to him." She said. "Well.. Okay." I said in a deep breathe." She nodded and smiled. "Can I do your hair?" She asked. "Yea. I don't care." I replied. She messed with my hair for a few minutes, and then put it in a fish tail braid. I stood up . "Thanks, you did a good job. I'll see you at school tomorrow. Bye." She walked me down to my car. "Bye. Kasee. Your a cool person. Were gonna be best friends." I smiled. "We are." I got in the car and watched her walk up to the house. I drove home and put my stuff in my room. "I didn't get to meet your friend." My mother said. "Oh, sorry . Mom. You will though." My brother came in behind her. "So what did she say about me?" He said excitingly. "She said your cute." He jumped and shout Yes! As he ran to his room. I ate my dinner and then brushed my teeth, then wiped my make up off. I put on some Pjs then went to bed.

The next morning I got up and then took a shower then put on my clothes , Peppermint perfume , silver bracelet, then my grey boots with my light colored jeans with my mint colored shirt with my On the dot chocolate brown scarf. I curled my hair with the wand and the did a waterfall braid and then put on my everyday makeup, with the same brownish lip gloss. I hate breakfast then brushed my teeth. I drove myself and my brother to school. I walked into class and sat beside Zoe. Later on in 2nd wheel the teacher made us sit in sign seats at a table. He sat Nick in front of me, and Zoe was besides me. "Okay class he said , We are getting in partners for an art project, so when we get in partners then talk about dislikes and likes." I was hoping he was gonna pick me and Zoe because it would be awkward to talk to Nick. But he chose me and Nick. Zoe looked at me and winked "Good Luck." She whispered in my ear and got with her partner. Nick moved besides me. "Hey." He said as he looked me dead in the eye. "Hey." I said. "Whats your name?" He asked as he smiled. "Kasee. You?" I asked. Even though I knew his name. "Nick. So what do you like?" I looked around. "Art , Obviously." He laughed. "Me too." He looked me up and down. He walked over to Zoe and Zoe said something to him and he whispered something in her ear. I looked at my body.. Was there a stain? Do I look gross. I started feeling sick. He came over and sat back down. "So .. you and Zoe friends?" He asked. "Yes." He smiled . "Are you new here?" He said as if he just noticed. "Yes." I said I a gave a flirty smile. One thing I noticed about him is that he was always smiling. It was almost time to go so we both stood up. He shook my hand. "It was nice meeting you." He smiled. "You too." I smiled back then walked to Zoe. "He's so cute." I said in a sigh, not mentioning about what he whispered in her ear. "Haha, come to my house I'll have to tell you something about him."


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