My Random Book of Doctor Who Insults

A translation from my Whovian insults. People have been asking.

Chapter 1

^_^ HERE WE GO!!!

People have asked me "What in the world does that mean"? Well in this story, you'll see the closest Earthly translation that I can give. I might mean something different. It's not exact. So, enjoy!


Dalek-brained ~ stupid

Ood-head ~ big head, pigheaded

Cyberman-deleted ~ annoying

Slitheen-faced ~ ugly

Gloopy old Nestene Consciousness ~ lazy

Impossibly astronaut-nosed ~ murderer, immature, or ugly

Weeping Angel-snotted ~ Frighteningly nosy


Dalek ~ dork

Cyberman ~ nerd

Living plastic ~ crap

Auton ~ snivel nosed old mannequin

That's all I got now... if you've got any more suggestions... I'd love to hear them cough cough cough cough

TALK TO YOU LATER, DALEKS OF EARTH! (and by that I do not mean DORKS of earth, I mean DALEKS of Earth.)

(Oh, none of these insults are meant to actually insult you, so if I, for example, call you a Dalek-brained, Cyberman-deleted Auton, do not take it personally. I swear I'm not trying to hurt you or anything.)


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