The Ties That Bind Us (Chapter 4 & working on new chapter)

A after story, alternate ending. ENJOY AND PLEASE COMMENT WHAT YOU THOUGHT!!! Not just: cool! Write more! I WANT REAL COMMENTS!!!!! And I'm sorry if this is a really boring story but it's these kinds of things I like... Don't worry... It will get better in a chapter or so...

Chapter 1


by: NyghtDawn
Nineteen years ago Stori had given birth to a boy and a girl, but died in the process. John was left to raise them alone, until the king, queen, and another neighborhood couple came up to him one day. They demanded that they should raise his kids, Abigail and Hawk, because he had had no experience with kids, and would not know how to raise them. He agreed thinking that his children would know each other, and that he was their father, but that's not what happened. The children were taken to separate families, never to know that they were brother and sister, and never to know that John was their father.

Abigail was taken by the king and queen to be raised as a princess, Hawk was taken by a family in the village.

Right now a battle against where they live is happening and Hawk got hurt really badly. He was dragged into the castle asking for his sister and father. No one has ever told him about what happened. He still doesn't know he is Johns son, so everyone is really confused he was asking for him and Abigail.


I looked at my daughter as she was sitting next to my unconscious son.
"Abigail? Is everything okay?"

She didn't take her eyes off of Hawk. "Yeah... I'm just... Thinking..." I sighed and put my arm around her shoulder.

"Yeah? 'Bout what?" It took a moment before she looked at me and replied.

"Remember what he said? When he was being dragged in here?" She motioned her head towards Hawk. I laughed slightly.

"No! It was pretty stressful at the time. How could I remember anything!?" She looked back towards Hawk. "Alright. What'd he say again?"

Abigail took a deep breath before responding.
"He.... He kept asking for his sister.... But... He doesn't have a sister..."

I paused, but then remembered that that was exactly what he had said.

"And he kept calling you father!"

I didn't know what to say. "Umm..."

"He kept asking where his sister was and if she was okay..." She continued. "And... In your exact you words you said 'Abigail is fine, Hawk!'"

"Abigail...." I had no words. "Abigail, give me a moment, and I'll explain---"

"You said: ABIGAIL is fine! And from what I understand I'm the only Abigail you know!"

"Abby!" I said sternly. She quieted down and looked at me. "When people are badly injured, so much that they are throwing up blood, which he was, then they say the weirdest things! You'd be surprised what I've heard in my life."

She looked back at Hawk.

I continued. "To get them to calm down you answer anything that might make them happy, or something that might be reassuring. He wanted to know if his sister was okay, so I told him. But I just said the first name that popped into my head."

She looked back up at me. "For fourteen years of my life you lied to me. How I do I know you are not doing it again?"

I tried to make my eyes look soft. "Abigail. You know it wasn't my choice to do that. It wasn't my plan. I hated lying to you. Why on earth would I do it again?"

She looked back at Hawk again. "He IS my brother... Isn't he?"

"Hey John get over here! We need your help!" Someone called.

I took my hand off her shoulder. "I gotta go Abby. I'll talk to you later."

"Isn't he!?" She repeated.

I can't lie to her, but I just can't tell her the truth. I started walking away.

"Fine then!" She screamed. "I'll just get Stori to tell me!"

I stopped dead in my tracks. What does she mean by that?

"Or how about Aunt Marcy!"

I couldn't breathe. No matter much I had tried to force myself, I just couldn't breathe. I turned my head back and looked at her.

Suddenly she stood up.

"Or Uncle Jack!?" She screamed.

She then held her left hand high in air. I looked harder and saw a knife, with a black handle.

"No! No Abigail! Stop!"

She had just began to move her hand down towards her stomach when I had grabbed her hand and put my other one on the back of her neck. We began to look at each other. She looked scared, sad, angry...

"Drop the knife." I said. But she just closed her eyes, clenched her teeth and tilted her head down.

"DROP IT!" I repeated.

She let go of the knife and I heard it as it clanged on the ground. I still continued to hold her hand and neck.

She began crying. Hard. She then thrust her both of her arms around my neck. I put one of my hands on her back, and the other on the back of her head.

"Father! Father please!" Her words were choppy, and almost inaudible. "Father I'm sorry! I--- I'm so sorry! I..."

She kept speaking, but I couldn't understand the rest. When she finally quieted down and was only crying now I held her tighter, occasionally rubbing my hand on her neck. I then kept trying to calm her down, speaking now in a softer tone if voice.

"Hey. Hey, Abby. Abby, it's okay. It's okay... Please." But she only continued to cry.
She started speaking again, and I was finally able to understand her.

"Father, I just... I just don't know what to do anymore... I'm just so confused and... And I just don't know!"

"Hey... It's fine, don't worry, everything is going to be okay... Just... Just calm down..."

"I just want a straight answer... From someone! From ANYONE!"

Her saying that made me remember how she had talked about Jack and Marcy.

"Hey... Hey it's okay... But first I have a question for you: I've never said anything to you about Jack... Or Marcy... Who told you?"

She then stopped and took a step back to look at me, but still had her arms on my shoulders. "Who?" She asked.

"You were talking about your Uncle Jack and Aunt Marcy... My brother and sister? I've never mentioned them to you... At least I don't think I have."

She seemed stunned. "They... You've... You never told me anything about them... You have a brother and a sister?"

I was confused but still answered her question. "Well I HAD a brother and a sister... But they died around twenty five years ago... Abigail, how do you know of them?"

"I.... I didn't even know... I thought I only said Stori's name... I... Did I really say that?"

"Yes... Yes... You did... I..." I pulled her in for another hug. As I did that I looked around, and noticed everyone in the castle staring at us. 'They must have been watching us ever since she yelled out those names.' I thought.

"Father..." She had begun to say.


Neither of us spoke for what seemed like a life time, but in reality I know it was just
a few seconds.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart." I spoke up. "I've really messed things up haven't I?"

She didn't reply.

I sighed. "I'm sorry. I never meant for this to happen. I never meant for things to be like this." I looked back down at Hawk. 'Nineteen years ago I thought I was making the right choice... But now... It looks like I've just made everything worse.' I thought. 'If I tell Hawk... And if I tell Abigail... They might never forgive me... Stori never wanted this.' I closed my eyes and held my daughter tighter.

'She'll never forgive me either.'

"Father..." Abigail interrupted my thoughts.

She took a deep breath in and out. "Is he my brother?"

I paused. 'What do I say? If I tell her... Then Hawk's "parents" will kill me...' I looked around to see them among the crowd of watchers. I stared straight at them and they stared back. His mother sighed then looked at her husband. He took a deep breath too, then looked back at me.

He nodded his head, up and down.

I knew what they meant.

I took a deep breath, then closed my eyes again. "Yes. Yes Abigail. Hawk is your brother... He is my son."

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