Quibblo Hunger Games 2013: From us, to you-Letters from your District

Letters written from you to your district tributes may be put in your district's Tribute Mailbox, which will then be delivered to the Capitol on the day before the Hunger Games begin.

Chapter 1

Katniss's Letter

From: Gale
To: Katniss


Prim and your mother are okay. I've been providing game for them, and Hazelle invites them over for tea most days, to keep an eye on them. Prim sometimes plays with Vick. Most of the time, she watches the Games. Her eyes tear up. It's really sad.

I hope you'll be home soon. And I can imagine the look on your face right now. Gale, I'm not coming home. Well, you are. Remember what I told you? You can shoot, Catnip. They'll have a bow and arrows. Just go straight for that, then run from the Cornucopia. In two weeks' time I'll see you back home. It's as simple as that. You could survive anywhere with a bow and arrows. And you promised Prim, remember? I heard your interview. You promised Prim you'd come home. And I know that you weren't lying for the cameras. I know you.

What about that other tribute from 12? Peeta Mellark, hmm? Is it true that he fancies you, or is he just playing the cameras? He doesn't seem much of competition. He'll be eliminated quickly. Unless he joins the Career pack, and there's not much chance of that.

Those tributes from 1 and 2 are your real problem. They are most definitely volunteers. I believe the District 2 tributes are named Cato and Clove. From District 1, the girl's name is Glimmer, but I don't know the boy's name. They're fierce competition. Either stay away from them, or if they track you down, just make yourself some strong allies. The boy from 11 looks good. He's got the potential for a Career, but something tells me he won't join them. The girl's a little twelve year old, like Prim. But she seems to have more fire in her eyes. Maybe she'll prove to be a good contestant. Just try not to protect her too much, if you do become allies. You don't want to be the one to kill her, Katniss. I know you don't. And I don't think I could kill her, either.

In two weeks you'll be home. I promise. You've got to win, Katniss.

Hazelle, Prim, Vick and your mother send greetings.


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