Quibblo Best Friend Repost

Yup, jumping on the bandwagon.

Hope you don't mind I'm telling Quibblo all about you Mikey.

Chapter 1


by: Hyouka
Without looking, what's your Quibblonian best friend's username?
Supersaiyan. Nickname is Turtle. I can’t get him to change the stupid turtle.

Do you know your friends real name? If so, what is it?
Yup. Mikey. I know his full name but won’t post it, as I’m stalker enough and I don’t think he needs more of me.

How old are they?

When is their birthday?
September 11th…sad, really…

What is their favorite color?
I believe it’s purple.

What is their favorite song?
Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day…right?

Who is their favorite singer/band?
Well he likes Green Day and Nickelback, but I’m not sure his favorite exactly.

What's their favorite season?
I don’t know. Fall, maybe? Summer?

What is their favorite quote?
Gah, I know this…it’s an Ender Wiggins quote…something about friends and enemies and whatnot.

How many family members do they have?

Do they have any siblings?
Yes, one sister.

How long have they been on Quibblo?
One year, 8 months, and 5 days precisely.

Why are they on Quibblo?
To write and correct peoples grammar, I believe.

What is their favorite Quibblo quiz/story?
Probably COM, but I guess I’m a bit biased in that, so…

Have they been featured member before?
Uh-huh! A day before I was.

How many accounts have they had?
Just the one.

What's their favorite food?
He loves mangoes. ^J^

What state/country do they live in?
USA he moved recently from one state to another but I won’t tell you which one, he can let you know if he wants.

Do they play any sports?
Football and…jousting, was it? Yeah.

How long have you been friends?
About a year. He was writing a partner story with a girl who stopped getting on Quibblo and I took her place, we’re in the second book now a year later.

List five other things about your closest Quibblonian friend

He likes to read

One of his eyes is green, the other is brown

He’s the king of procrastination.

He takes Karate and plays the guitar

Each summer he goes to camp for like a month and leaves me alone. ;_;

Now you know too much about him, and I sound like a creepy stalker. Isn't this fun?

I feel really creepy....


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