My summer at camp part 1

you get sent to a summer camp with your brother and you find out that your best friend and her 2 brothers are going and you like her older brother and she likes your brother thats the same age as you guys but you are all like family!!! if you like it comment!

Chapter 1

Getting there

"_ , Conner come on your going to be late the bus gets here in ten minutes" your mom yelled! "OK we're coming" you both replied. You guys ran downstairs said your goodbyes and hopped on the bus. You saw Rachel (your best friend) sitting alone. You sat down next to her. The whole way there you guys talked about your crushes. She liked Conner (your brother) and you liked her older brother Joey. When you got there you signed in and got your cabin key and activities you could sign up for. You walked to cabin three. When you got there the cabin was locked so you unlocked it. You walked in and saw a couple making out so you just walked over to a bunk bed. They quickly stopped and introduced themselves. Jake and Emily were their names. After your intro joey walked in then your cabin was filled up. "Hey _ Conner,Rachel and Anthony (your best friends younger brother) are all in cabin four right next to us". "OK" you replied ,you guys had to share a bunk because Jake and Emily took up the other one. You chose the top one so he got the bottom. You guys started to unpack and when you were done Conner,Rachel and Anthony all came over along with their roommate Beth.

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