The Story of Why I Love The Hunger Games EVEN MORE Now!


Chapter 1

Ahhhh Yes!

You walk inside your home room. You look at the board....


- You Need To Make a Flash Draft In 15 Minutes
- Make Sure Your Summary Is Good
- May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.

Me and My Friend....Her Name Will Be Han in this....looked at each other.

"The Odds are Never In Our Favor..." Han said in a deep voice.

"Happy Hunger Games!" I smiled saying like Effie.

We knew this was all just a joke.
We sat down as partners and she reviled a piece of chart paper behind the board.

You could read,

District 1- Emily & Tristan
District 2- Sofian & Hann (Hann has a little crush on Sofian, Who is a boy!)
District 3- Minjoon & Tami
District 4- Nora & Eric
District 5- Zizi (MEEE) & Miles (You Think I Have a Crush on Him? blushes)
District 6- Jack & Remi
District 7- Jesse & Elma (Trust Me...Jesse Is a Ruckus)
District 8- Tyler & Philip (Here Is Where We Run Out Of Girls)
District 9- Pyae (You Say It Pee-Uh) & Daniella
District 10- Sophia & Adam
District 11- Anoki & Stephanie
"There is No District 12." - Gale :,(

Anyway....There are 24 Kids In My Class!

Anoki Said, "Your Gonna Make Us Kill Each Other?" He asked.

I Put My Hear in a high puffy pony tail, and stood up.

"Happy Hunger Games! And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor." I smiled.

"Shaddup Effie." Liam yelled.

I jumped...

I am 1/11 who are still in the games.

Good luck to me...

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