Determination to the Stars (Tom Hiddleston Fan Fiction)

Danielle Jones is a klutzy girl who can't get anything right. Because of her determination of wanting to get something right in her life, she takes on a bet for a dance off against one of the best dancers in the city. But, she knows in her heart, she could never win, that is, until she meets a street dancer named Tom. She, then, pays him to teach her to dance. Will she learn in time for the dance off or will she be a klutz again?

Chapter 1

Stupid Bet

Work went by without a single trip, which for me, is a good thing. I'm usually tripping over everything in the store. "Uh, miss? Do you know where the female products are?" I turned around to face a young man, rolling my eyes as he laughed.

"Hi, Jeremy." He wrapped his arms around my waist as I greeted him. "What are you doing here? You know I hate it when you see me in my work clothes." He chuckled, smiling down at me.

"You know I don't care what clothes you wear. You're beautiful to me ever second of every day." I smiled and kissed his cheek.

"How did I get a guy like you to be my boyfriend?" He chuckled and kissed me. As I kissed back, I forgot about everything around us and wrapped my arms around his neck. It was too soon that he finally pulled away.

"Well, for one, you tripped over my feet and lost your coffee and I felt bad, buying you another. And two, that was when I asked if I could see you again. And we've been going out ever since. Which is merely just a year." I laughed and pulled out of his arms.

"Well, you can wait for me. I just need to get my coat and purse and I'll be right out, ready to go. I just got off work, which you probably know." He chuckled and put his hands in his pocket. I pushed a strand of hair over my ear and headed back to the staff room to get my stuff. Gerard was smoking in the room when I entered.

"Hello there, Danielle." I coughed, moving the smoke away from my face as I quickly grabbed my coat and purse and ignored Gerard's word as I tripped out the door, closing it behind me. Damnit, so close. I could hear Gerard laughter and coughing behind the closed door and rolled my eyes.

"You're going to die if you keep smoking like that." I muttered as I walked back to my boyfriend talking to my manager, Tonya.

"Ah, here's the klutz now." I sighed in frustration as I put my coat on.

"Yeah, yeah whatever. Gerard's smoking up the staff room again." Tonya groaned in frustration and looked at Jeremy as she headed to the staff room.

"I hate it when he does that. I'll talk to you later. Bye, Danielle. See you tomorrow." I nodded and Jeremy took my hand, walking me out to his car.

"So what do you want to do tonight?" He asked, opening the door for me. "Want me to cook? Take you a restaurant? Bar?" I chuckled as he got in, still listing ideas for our evening together.

"A beer does sound good right now." He smiled and started the car.

"The bar it is, then." We arrived at the nightclub, the party in full swing and we sat at the bar, Jeremy ordering for us. "Want to dance, love?" He held his hand for me to take. I chuckled as I looked at my beer.

"Nah, I can't dance. You know that." He shrugged and headed off to the dance floor. I sighed and took a sip of my beer, As much as I wanted to get drunk, I knew Jeremy was going to instead so I had to be the designated driver. I watched as Jeremy danced, holding his beer. A couple hours went by as I finished my beer and just had water to get rid of the slight buzz I was feeling. I was tiny, so I could get drunk easier than others.

"I don't like him, Danielle. Break it up before he hurts you." I looked at the girl who spoke. My most hated person, Gena.

"And since when did you care if I get hurt or not. No, I'm not listening to you." I looked at Jeremy drinking from his eighth beer. "What you say has no effect on me." I could see her at the corner of my eye, sighing and grabbing her purse.

"He sexts me when you're at work." I looked at her.

"You're lying. Jeremy would never cheat on me like that. With much less you. He knows how much I dislike you." She gave her phone and I couldn't help but look, seeing Jeremy's name with a whole bunch of messages that were very dirty. I shook my head, throwing the phone at her. "I don't trust you or your stupid tricks. Jeremy likes me, okay? He wouldn't cheat and hurt me. You're just jealous." I headed over to Jeremy, noticing him arguing with another guy.

"I am so much better than you! You can't do sh!t!" I pulled Jeremy away from the other guy, who was also very drunk.

"Oh, yeah? Then show me what you got? Huh? Show us your moves right now." The guy challenged. Jeremy looked at me.

"Come on, baby. Time to go." I tried to get Jeremy go with me, but he was too prideful.

"You're so bad, my klutzy girlfriend could do better than you." I closed my eyes at the words. He didn't say that. He do NOT say that in front of the whole bar. I heard laughter and sighed, opening them again.

"Is that so?" I looked at the guy.

"Just forget about it. You guys are drunk and won't remember anything tomorrow mor-"

"You admitting to be a terrible dancer?" He asked me. I shook my head.

"I never said that. Come on, Jeremy. We got to go." I tried to drag Jeremy outside, praying to god I wasn't going to trip.

"Now look at the chicken. Too scared to face the best dancer in the city." Jeremy's mouth wouldn't shut up.

"She could kick your ass!" I looked at the guy as he pretended to be a chicken, walking towards us.

"I wouldn't think you were the best dancer in the city. That's a terrible dance." The words were out of my mouth before I could stop them.

"Oh, really? Fine, then. A dance off. You and me in the alleyway behind city hall, same time next week." I looked at my phone to check the time.

"God, what have I gotten myself into." I muttered to myself as I looked at the guy.

"Fine, you're on." He smirked.

"If I win, I get to bang you." I could feel Jeremy heating up in anger.

"And if I win, you never see me ever again and you get the hell out of town." He smirked again, crossing his arms, drunkenly.

"Deal. I'd practice if I were you." I sighed and quickly helped Jeremy outside into his car.

"You can totally beat him, I mean, if all you had to do was fall down." He laughed and burped, filling the car with an alcohol breath.

"Gross, Jeremy. I'll drop you off at your loft and walk to my house, okay? Go straight to sleep." I drove to his building, him babbling about me being a huge klutz and how I wasn't going to win. I quickly helped Jeremy into his apartment and he fell on his bed, passed out. "Christ...what have I done to myself now? How the hell am I going to win this bet? Hopefully, the guy won't remember tomorrow and I won't have to do it." I quietly left and stuffed my hands in my pockets, walking down the sidewalk in the dark, heading to my place a couple miles away.

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