Moonstar's past: 1; Kit on the rise

(c) Warriors by Erin Hunter (I DID NOT COME UP WITH WARRIORS)

This is a fan story and (maybe) fan clan of Warriors (cats) that i came up with! Yep, Moonstar is going though some times

Chapter 1

Page 1, Lets play

by: Lilkitten
I wake up in the nursery and open my eyes and let a loud mew to wake up my mother, Her name is peacestone! she made this clan after falling in love with a shadowclan cat (she was from riverclan), it is for the cat's that fell in love with cat's from different clans or kittypets! the leader is my father! my mother wakes "Mama, are you awake?" i say "Yes i am" Mama Says! and i run out of the nursery! "i hope i can start my own clan when i'm older like mama!" i thought to myself and i see my sister, Rosekit, and my brother, firekit! "Moonkit,Rosekit lets play fight!!" Firekit says and attacks me, i bat at him "Why don't we play like we're in a fight? like a warrior fight!" Rosekit says and i run to tell the other kits, the other kit's were awake and i ask "Hey wanna go and play outside the nursery?" some of the kits nod and others say yes while some are to young! we go out and Play fight "some nightclan warriors over there" Rosekit says pointing to some grey kits running toward us! one attacked me and he was 5 moons! i had barely grown claws and i poked that kit with my forming claws and he jumped realizing it didn't hurt and attacked me again "ha! i will send you to starclan moonstone" he said "NO I WANT TO BE MOONSTAR" i yell softly "I DON'T LIKE THAT NAME!!! I DON'T WANT TO BE MOONSTONE I WANT TO OWN MY OWN CLAN" i yell softly and run away and i hear him say sorry! i think his name was 'reddy'? he was a kittypet who would come there before his twoleg woke you! he was a red cat like no other! a red color like no other! My mother came and asked what was wrong i replied "i want to own my own clan and be moonstar not moonstone! i already know where it will be" "you have to be a warrior before a leader! and a kit before anything so just wait and see what your future holds! go play they're waiting for you" she said and i went back and they were gone so i just walked out of the camp without them knowing! i saw that reddy kit go into twoleg area and i talked to him "I'm sorry about what i said! will you forgive me?" "yeah i guess i forgive you! i never really liked you though" "Umm, ok" i said and walked off! i walk off back into the clan. i see the others awoken and i run around as i had nothing to do and wanted to see what will happen

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