Trapped in My Mind ~ An Original Story

Trapped in My Mind ~ An Original Story

Chapter 1


My name is Allegra.

I have curly blonde hair. My eyes are frosty green, like the grass after it snows. I have pale skin, and no freckles.

My best friend is called Elodie. Elodie is from France, and she has curly brown hair and blue eyes. Elodie knows me so well that I think she could write an entire seven-page essay about me. Too well. So well that I don't think she knows me at all. Of course, three quarters of that essay would be about one thing.

These things in my head, dying to get out, never can. My parents named me for my bravery, my strength, and of course, my musical ability. Speaking would be hard for me. But playing music isn't.

I can play cello, trumpet, French horn, and viola.

I know what you're thinking. Don't think that. Music may be my way of communicating. But I can't say everything.

I get so frustrated! So angry! These words, these feelings, trapped in the barrier of my mind! Never will I be able to express them. Not even Elodie can tell who I am sometimes.

These words, floating around in my mind. Words like illiteracy. Patience. Strength.

Such beautiful words. It's only so sad that I can't tell you that they are.

I have never spoken a word in my existence.

I am eleven years old.

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