Born in 2013

Born in 2013

This is what would have happened if Jesus was born in 2013.

Chapter 1

Birth of the Savior

Mary was a normal 15 year old girl in high school. It had been months since Mary had seen the angel, though no one believed her, not even her loving boyfriend Joseph. You see, Mary was pregnant. No one could believe her when she said she was a virgin. How could they? The only way you could get pregnant was to have sex. Her boyfriend at the time left her, because she wouldn't give her virginity to him, yet, she got pregnant. That could only mean that she had given it to someone else.

Mary met Joseph at school, he was new and they hit it off. Though she was pregnant, he still wanted to be her friend. They started dating and he promised that whatever happened, he was there for her.

Well, winter was coming and so was the baby, soon they had their bags packed and left her country home, heading towards the nearest hospital, which was still so far away. The snow had been coming down for hours, sticking to the road and car. They got a flat tire, and they were already using the doughnut on the driver's side.

Joseph pulled out his phone and found that they were in a no-service zone, which meant they'd have to walk to find civilization. Unfortunately, they had to move to keep warm, the snow was still falling. Both started off, Joseph carrying her suitcase while Mary waddled along. They had been walking for hours, the snow coming down on them.

It was so cold out there, they could see their breath. Joseph and Mary huddled close together, moving as fast as they could, when something worse happened, Mary started have contractions. She cried out in pain, Joseph reminded he to keep breathing and to stay calm. She started walking again and then another ten minutes later she had another contraction.

Joseph and Mary kept going, her contractions started to come closer together, now only eight minutes apart. They came across a cabin and a shed. Joseph left Mary on the porch, somewhat sheltered from the storm. He was checking all the doors, knocking on windows, but could not find anybody home and all the doors were locked. He helped Mary to the shed which was open and made room for her to sit. She screamed in pain as another contraction took place, trying to remember her breathing techniques.

Joseph pulled out Mary's special pillow and blanket, the only one's she could use to fall asleep and helped her get comfy, not even three minutes later another contraction hit her

"Joseph, the baby is coming."

"I know, our baby Jesus is coming. Breathe, baby, breathe."

Joseph pulled out some of Mary's clothing, thinking that he was glad he brought it. Mary screamed again, clenching her fists and teeth.

"Mary, I'm gonna pull off your pants, that baby is coming."

"Do it," she wasn't worried that Joseph would leave, she knew he was here for her.

He stripped her of her clothing and used it under her butt to keep her warm. He pulled out the outfit they had to take the baby boy home and some more of Mary's clothes, laying them on the floor. He flipped over the wheel barrow and used the rest of her clothing to line it and fill it to put the baby in. He turned back and his eyes widened in surprise.

Jesus was coming and his dark hair was emerging. Joseph got down on his knees and did what he'd seen on all the doctor shows he'd watched. He helped her son into the world. He used the scissors from his pocket knife and a clothes pin to cut, tie and pin the umbilical cord. He cleaned the baby with one of Mary's tee shirts. Then he dressed the boy in a McGuiver style diaper and the clothes he got out.

They listened to the sounds of his crying, knowing it was a good sign. Then Mary held her baby close to her, trying to keep him warm. All she could hear was the sound of his crying, softening as he fell asleep. She looked down in wonderment, he was the son of God and he would be raised like a king. She would do anything for that little, sleeping bundle.

Joseph opened the door, he needed to find some cell service. The snow had stopped falling and the sun was shining down, warming his face. He looked back at the baby, sleeping in his mother's arms and knew that he would one day marry her and help her take care of her son. He looked down at his phone and there were two bars, that was enough to call the hospital and get help.

He made the call to the hospital and an ambulance would be there as soon as the could get the roads cleared off. Triple A said the same. He called Mary's mother and she sounded happy, though she wasn't happy with him. She said she would be waiting at the hospital.

In fifteen minutes, they heard a vehicle pull up. Joseph took a peek, it was a shiny, red sports car. Three men got out and they were carrying some luggage. They must be the owners of the cabin. Joseph went out into the wintry scene. He had to let them know what had happened.

"Excuse me," he called.

All three looked up in surprise. Why would anyone be out here?

"Can I help you," the tallest one asked.

"Sorry, but my girlfriend just had a baby in your shed, we blew a tire and were trying to walk to the hospital, but she started having contractions and this was the only shelter we could find from the snow."

They gave each other weird looks.

"See? I told you something weird was going to happen today."

"Well, go get them, I'll go start the fire."

Joseph hurried back to the shed and told Mary to get the baby and come with him. She did as he asked, knowing there was a reason for his happy rush. She picked up her son and unzipped her coat, pulling her left arm out of it's sleeve and placing the baby there, trying to keep him from the cold wind. She followed Joseph into the winter weather.

"Come on," he said, for she had paused at the sight of the red mustang in front of the cabin.

She followed him into the cabin, three strange men were waiting inside. They were sitting with a couple of boxes. They motioned for them to sit down. Mary sat across from them, opening her coat, so that Jesus was visible.

"Wow, he is adorable."

"I knew something was going to happen today, I dreamed of an angel, telling me to go the my cabin with my friends and to bring something that we treasured."

"We thought he was crazy, but we listened anyway."

"Why would the angel tell you to bring treasured items?"

"I guess to give to your baby, what's his name?"

"Jesus, his name is Jesus."

"I have brought the very item that made me famous. It's a candle that smells like the apple pie my grandmother used to make, it's the first one that I made that actually smells correctly and I feel it is the only thing I have to give."

"I have brought the recipe that has been in my family for generations. I own a very famous restaurant in New York and am the only one who knows how to make it. It's for my famous barbeque sauce."

"And I've brought a two gold rings, each belonging to one of my parents, they died when I was little and it's one of the only things that I cherish."

"And your giving this to my newborn son?"

"Something tells me that he is someone special and that he deserves these things we love."

A siren sounds in the background.

"That must be the ambulance, it's coming to take Mary, Jesus and I to the hospital, we want to make sure he is healthy."

"Thank you for having him here at my cabin, please call if you need anything," the man handed Mary a business card.

"Thank you again," she smiled, knowing that this was a gift from God and that these gifts were important. That her son would be so important in everyone's lives one day.

Joseph and Mary left the cabin, and went to the hospital to meet her mom and make sure Jesus was healthy and to do everything else they needed to do with a newborn.


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