We'll Make it Through This Christmas

Chapter 1

by: Marfabu
He gripped the edge of his desk firmly as he questioned what he was to do with the children of this day and age. His name was once Kris Kringle, but now he was primarily known by the name of Santa.

He did not know what to do. Less than two weeks from Christmas, he was at loss. He couldn’t keep up with it anymore; all of these demands for electronic gadgets and things that he couldn’t make, let alone his elves, in two weeks if not a year.

Kris was desperate. He didn’t want to have to rely on stores that knew nothing of real Christmas to make his toys (or, rather, gadgets). What would the magic of a store-bought gift be? What would that do but diminish a child’s love for Christmas (maybe it’d make it grow).

Oh how Kris yearned for the days of painted dolls and wooden toy trains, the days he knew he would never get back. For Kris knew that the “magic” of Christmas was becoming pricey, and he did not like putting price-tags on celebration. His magic was fading with all of the demands that he could not keep up with.

A knock sounded at the door and Kris answered it without turning. “Come in.”

The youngest elf, a young girl by the name of Rachel, walked in. She was merely five-years-old but even she could sense the tense air surrounding the man who had taken her in when her parents had passed.

Nobody said elves never died unexpectedly.

“Papa?” Rachel piped quietly, tugging on his red shirt.

Kris looked down, forcing a smile at the girl whom he had taken in as his own. He’d always wanted a child, but had never quite been blessed with one. Until Rachel, however unfortunate the reason must have been to receive her.

Rachel climbed to stand on the desk her Papa was still clinging to, his knuckles now white. She gave him a bold look, eyes steadily growing in determination.

“We’ll make it through this Christmas.”


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