Infinity and a Day

Infinity and a Day

I am not insane. It's just that...I was sick. For a very long time. But the doctor fixed me. And my father has moved me to a place where hardly anything triggers my dark places. t I know that my father is struggling and really wants me to get along well in this school that he's found for me. And I really want to make him happy, because I know how he cries each night, and I understand. Because I know what the dark places are like.

Chapter 1

Prologue-y Thing

by: Limes
Ari is strange, so utterly, completely and entirely strange that she can't function sometimes. And nobody at this new school understands that, except for maybe these three people who are almost her friends. Timber's smiles and reassuring touch keep her sane, and her near constant companion, Brendon's, strangely dark appearance somehow makes her feel better about what she has been and what she is. But then there's Walker, who sees what she really is, and whose voice is the only escape from the dark places she inhabits. But will her shady past and her darkened mind allow her to let them close enough to help her, or will her fear of abandonment and her fear of what she has become leave her lost?

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