Fourteen Lines for the Lonely

Chapter 1


fourteen lines for the lonely; a sonnet for those who cry themselves to sleep at night.
a sonnet for those who are heartbroken and who can't seem to find the pieces of themselves their other half took with them.
a sonnet for those who are unloved, because i can honestly say that i truly do love you.
a sonnet for the senseless, whose lives are permeated by dull tones of grey that do nothing for anything or anyone.
a sonnet for the ones who want to disappear; you are allowed to let yourself cry.
a sonnet for all the victims who think it is their fault, it is not your fault, please try not to blame yourself.
a sonnet for the meek; allow yourself to find strength in others, doing this does not make you appear weak.
a sonnet for the hurting, please don't try to make yourself hurt, the blades are your enemy, not your saviour.
a sonnet for the mourning; i promise that one day it won't hurt as much as it does right now.
a sonnet for the crying who can't see two feet in front of them past the avalanche of emotions rushing to escape their eyes.
a sonnet for the writers, because i know sometimes it's hard to let the thought of others reading your feelings become more than a thought.
a sonnet for the lovers; i know it's hard to care as much as you always have, but it will be worth it when you find someone who cares that much for you.
a sonnet for the angry, because i can sense that you weren't always consumed by rage.
a sonnet for the lonely; i know how you are saddened by the loneliness in a crowded room.


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