Against Your Will

People called him 'asexual'. Down the eighteen years of his life, he was starting to believe that. After a hopeful relationship that left his heart broken and his dreams crushed, a devastated Lucien resolved to spend his days hidden away in his bedroom for every second of his free time on his laptop.

Then a new user appeared one day in the chat room.

Chapter 1


by: Weirdish
He got along with people alright, if he had to be fair to himself. It wasn't as if he had to fake himself to merge into a group. He was always firm with his own beliefs and principles.

A little too firm, sometimes.

Once in a while, the topic of sex would appear but only when a new kid would join in the clique. Because everyone that had known Lucien Huynh knew better than to pull a joke about that. It would rile the young man up, evoking a spite that could leave a bustling cafeteria dead silent. And no one fancied that sort of awkwardness.

It wasn't that Lucien was a douche. He was a rather nice companion and quite the helpful classmate when asked for assistance. The teachers adored his enthusiasm in their classes. He was all-around pleasant. However so, he seemed to despise the idea of romance and sex, and all things relevant. It was as if he contradicted the saying that pubescent boys have raging hormones with his existence.

Being single was fine with him though. His friends were fun folks and they knew not to step into the underlying landmine when conversing. He felt bad sometimes that they have to somewhat be careful when talking to him, but generally they got along just dandy. Of course, some eventually grow weary of keeping up with the thin ice friendship and leave but these departures never deter Lucien's stubbornness in staying away from typical teenage desires.

People join in .. people leave .. faces upon faces .. he was growing numb to forging attachments, as well. By the age of 18, Lucien was sure that he would never spend a lifelong relationship with anyone even if just platonic ones. The fact that his parents' occupation demand they move every few years didn't help.

That was before he met Alexa.

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