Questions for everyone PLEASE READ

Chapter 1

Hey guys(:

Me, being at the prime stage in my journey to womanhood with what's happening with me, and has already happened sometime ago, means I am really and completely crazy over boys. I cannot control my lust for boys, they are basically what I think about day and night.

Questions for girls:
If you have\had a boyfriend, did you make the first move, and if so how?
Do you think making the first move should be a boy's job?
Is it strange for a girl to make the first move?
How can you tell if a boy likes you?
What do you do if a shy boy likes you, and he won't talk to you on his own, and you're shy as well?
Have you ever gotten a boy who didn't like you at first to like you, and if so, how?
How often do you think about boys?

Questions for boy:
Would you feel strange if a girl asked you out?
What sort of things do you find cute in a girl? (For instance, is it cute if she bites her lip, or plays with her hair?)
Do you like it better when girls wear makeup, or don't?
How do you act towards a girl if you like her?
My mom says guys at this age are even more obsessed with girls then girls are of guys; do you believe this to be true in general?
Do you ever see a random girl you don't know, and find her cute\hot?

Now here's a question I have really been wondering about lately. Do boys find me attractive? I feel like they don't... I mean, I think I'm good looking enough, but do boys?


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