my repost book

All about me

Chapter 1

ABC repost

Available: I cant tell you!!!!!!
Birthday: on a day, in a month, in a year
Crushing on: Someone!!!!!!!
Drink last had: water
Easiest person to talk to: my best friend or my other best friend
Fav song: there are too may to name but my favourite 5 right now are: always be together by little mix, welcome to the jungle by neon jungle, word up by little mix, counting stars by one republic, I wont give up by Jason marz..
Giggling: makes me think what kind of drugs people are on
Hometown: Some random place
In love with someone: Yep
Killed someone: how did you know
Longest car ride: 15 very long hours
Milkshake flavor: chocolate or vanilla
Number of siblings: I have 2 sister and a older brother
One wish: To meet all my idols
Person that called me last: I am grounded from my phone
Reason to smile: because I am full of happiness and sun shine
Song that I last sang: Best song ever by the 5 hottest boys on the planet one direction
Time I woke up today: 7:00am- too early for me
Underwear color: like hell am I goin to tell you
Vegetables: any
Worst habit: how long do you have???
X-rays done: on my shoulder
Years living where I live: 5 to 6??? I don’t know I don’t keep track
Zodiac sign: virgo

Random questions:

Spell my name without vowels: chl
Color I wear the most: bright colours
Favorite thing to do: Read and listen to music and dance
Favorite class in school: english
When do I go back to school: I'm still in school.
Am I dating anyone: yep mentally ;)
Can I dance: yes
Tie a cherry stem in my mouth: ??? umm I will skip
Whistle: Yep.
Cross my eyes: Yep.
Curl my tongue: Yep
Temperature outside: cold
Cried over the opposite gender: Yes
Do songs make me cry: yes
Height: 5'7
Kissed someone: no
Other fun facts: Umm lets see… I love o sing, write stories and dance. I am athletic… hate else would you like to know???


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