It's time, I'm leaving Quibblo....

Sorry guys :(

Chapter 1

I really don't want to do this :'(

Well it's true I'm leaving. I'm not deleting so you guys can still message me and if I get back on sometime i'll see it. You guys can't change whats happening because I REALLY don't want to leave but I have to.

My school hands out laptops each year and in the end of the year they take them up again. Sunday will be my last day...sorry I didn't tell you guys earlier....I was nervous of what you'd say. I love you all and will miss you guys SOOOOOOO much.

I might be able to get on in the summer, because my sister MAY let me get on her laptop but...idk. PLEASE understand I DON'T want to leave but I'm forced to so good luck over the summer!! Have fun wherever you'll be and make sure you message me anyway if you need anything cuz I'll message you back....just REALLY late XD


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