Annabella Bellamy

A castle under attack, what can a princess do to protect her family? (Set in an older time, translated so you can easily read it.)

Chapter 1

Under Attack

"Annabella! Annabella!"

I opened my eyes, not wanting to move from my warm bed. I could see my nurse maid standing above me. She pulled the covers straight off me. I grasped frantically, the cold seeping into my underclothes.

"Come now girl, its time to get up for the day."

"Fine," I sat up, shivering slightly.

"Come, I've already set up your bath."

I followed her to my lavatory, stripping down in the process. I stepped into the steaming water and sat down, relishing in the fact that I had someone to do all of this for me. She used the cup to run the water in my hair and used the soap on me. I waited patiently for her to finish, the water was starting to cool. When I stood up, the water was as cold as ice.

She dried me and then pulled out my fresh set of underclothes, I dressed in them and sat in front of my mirror. She started working on my hair, somewhat drying it, then putting it in an intricate design. When she was finished I went to my closet, picking out the dress I wanted to wear today.

I chose a beautiful, red gown, it had gold thread embellishments with diamonds and sapphires stitched in. Today I would be meeting suitors and I was supposed to look my best, I was nearly 15 after all. I pulled the dress out of my wardrobe and laid it across my bed. My nursemaid slipped my slip over my head, then wrapped a corset around my torso.

She threaded the silk strand through the back, pulling it tight to thin my figure. Then she pushed and prodded my bosoms so they looked more appealing. Then we slipped the dress over my head and she tightened that as well. I sat in front of the mirror once more so she could add some color to my face.

"Wow, thank you Charity, I don't even recognize myself, you did a wonderful job, as usual," I smiled at my friend.

"Come now, you must go down to breakfast, you have studies before your suitors arrive tonight."

"Thank you again," I said, hugging her tight.

"Go, Miss Annabella, before your parents get ruffled."

I left my chambers and walked briskly down the hall, following my usual path. Not long after, my sister Kalysta, who was so much prettier than I, joined me. She has blonde hair and big, blue eyes, her smile could light up a room. She is only ten, so she doesn't have to worry about finding her prince yet, but I'm sure she will have no trouble when the time comes.

"Good morning, Anna."

"Good morning, Kaly."

"Are you ready for the cute boys?"

"To be honest, I don't think any of them will be cute or boys, but I'm certainly hoping for a good one."

"Why do you have to get married anyway, I don't want you to go away."

"It's my duty to get married and it will be your duty one day."

"What about Mathew? Does he have to get married?"

"He will, he is going to be the king, so he'll need a wife to birth him sons."

"I wish you didn't have to go away."

"I don't want to go, but I must, it's my duty."

We were both quiet as we entered the dining room. Our parents sat in the same chairs they always did, waiting for us to take our seats. I sat beside my mother, Mathew was across from me and Kaly was beside him. We sat quietly, watching the kitchen hands place our plates of porridge and bacon in front of us. Then the taster went around to each of our plates and taking a bite of food into his mouth. He stood for a while, waiting for my father's permission to leave.

After what seemed a quarter of an hour my father waved his hand in dismissal, then we began to enjoy our breakfast. I had barely eaten three bites when my father cast his stern gaze upon me. I bowed my head respectfully before meeting his eyes.

"Are you prepared to charm your suitors today, Annabella?"

"Yes sir."

"After your studies, your mother," he locked a brief passionate gaze with his wife," will give you a few pointers."

"Yes sir."

We returned to eating our breakfasts. When I was finished, I sat patiently until everyone else was done. Father dismissed us to our studies. Kaly and I walked side by side. We had french to learn, then I was off to history, then I was to learn of my wifely duties, my mother would teach me those.

"Are you ready to leave, Anna?"

"I think so, but I am going to miss you terribly."

"Will you write to me?"

"Of course I will, at least once a week so I have something to say. And you'll write me back, little Kaly?"

"I will, but only after I receive my first letter from you," she smiled.

And together we learned the last french I would need to know.


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