Okay, I have a feeling this is going to be fun. The way I understand this, anyone can write a new chapter, so I'm excited to hear what everyone thinks of this story (seeing as it doesn't belong to me or any other sole person) and what they make happen next. Here we go!

Chapter 1

Chapter One

I have a gift.

No, I have a curse.

The two go hand in hand.

I love it.

No, I hate it.

We have a difficult relationship, you see. That is, the elements and I. When I want to, I can control them. The price?

Sometimes they control me.

It is my joy.

No, it is my burden.

I watch the hourglass's sand...
It counts down to the end.


Somewhere in Northern Virginia, United States of America

A shrill, angry scream interrupted my dream. I opened my eyes, blinking against the sound and the light as I tried to recall what it had been about.

A girl...she had stars for eyes...and ivory skin...and--

The scream, which I now recognized as my alarm, went off again and I slammed the snooze button with all of my strength, now weakened with sleep. The nightstand shuddered under my fist, but soon another shrill scream replaced my alarm; my mother's voice.

"Lilith Gladys Reed, you are going to be late for school! Get your lazy butt down here, or God help me..." She lost her train of thought. That was the wonderful thing about having a mother who works; she's always distracted by her work.

I didn't bother to reply. She would be able to tell that I'm up by the sound of the shower turning on. I lumbered into the bathroom and hit the nozzle before going to gather my clothes, giving it time to heat up. And then the morning routine commenced. I had done this so many times I didn't even need to think about it. 1) Take Shower. 2) Fix Appearance (brush hair, get dressed, brush teeth, etc.). 3) Eat Breakfast. 4) Get on the Bus. 5) Begin the Torture otherwise known as School.

But this morning was different. I was inattentive. My dream was troubling me, and before I knew what I was doing, I was washing my face with shampoo. This disquiet continued throughout the day. I wrote the date in the spot where my name should be more than once, and I brought my English binder with me to P.E. What's wrong with me today, I thought in frustration when the blue binder didn't fit in my tiny Gym locker. My mind instantly flew to my dream.

Stars instead of eyes,
Cloaked in her disguise...

"Where did that come from?!" I demanded. It was only after I said it did I realize it was out loud. Curious glares turned to me, and I mumbled excuses, rushing into the bathroom. After I closed the stall, locking it with a small click, I closed my eyes and sighed. This was going to be a long day.


Somewhere Underground, deep under the Sea

The creature stirred in its slumber, the terrified diver standing near the mouth of the cave, dripping on the hard rock. The water hitting the stone was the only sound, other than the rumbling snores and panicked panting. The tail flicked restlessly, causing the man to jump. With shaking hands, he pulled the water-camera, designed to take underwater photos, up to snap a picture. The image was blurry as best, but what the diver didn’t take into account was the sound the camera made.

The ring of the device woke the creature from its sleep, and its eyes opened, one before the other. The pupils were long and slender, and the irises were as green as seaweed. Its yawn shook the cave, and the diver dropped the camera, where it broke.

The creature’s wings hit the ceiling, and it stood up on its scaly paws.

It was a dragon.

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