The End of Humanity

The world has ended. There have been speculations for centuries for how it would end: fire, water, explosions, war. However, humankind never expected it to end so soon. Nobody expected that in 2020, the last of humankind would be fighting to survive, and that they would have ever lost so much.

Chapter 1


To Those Who Survived The End Of The World,

The world's leaders promised that there would never be a world war again, much like God promised he wouldn't flood the Earth again. Well they lied. We had a World War III, North Korea got into a minor disagreement with it's ally Russia. We could have let them duke it out and save our own skins, but no, America has to be the hero. What rot! Well America got involved and then France, Britain, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland allied themselves with Russia and America. China, Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia allied themselves with North Korea. Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Canada, and Australia tried there hardest to avoid choosing sides. Canada and Australia got away with it, as did Switzerland. South Korea and Japan were forced to though, because of their relative location.

The war lasted two months before we started nuking people. Over six billion people dead in a few week. Less than one billion people left. And even then the population was dying of widespread nuclear radiation. It was the civilians who were hit first too, most ironically. Or maybe not? Why use nuclear weapons on a battlefield and risk your side when you can just launch a missile and hit the other side of the planet? Though of course, we all retaliated. And now we are all dying or dead. Dying or dead. Dying or dead.

How many people had I lost? A mother, a father, a dog, a sister, a brother, friends, aunts, uncles, cousins, teachers, everybody. I was one of the last, sitting stranded on a roof, writing a letter that will probably be read by nobody but me. But I hope it is read, that people survived this, and that there is hope. And I feel safe with that there will never be a war like this one again. In fact, if there was a World War IV, I am sure it would be fought with sticks and stones because of the loss of technology.

So I place this in the inside of a loose brick in the inside of my chimney, and I hope for somebody to find it. And once that is done, well what happens to me, David Johnston? I am overwhelmed with depression and horror and so I will let myself fall into the flooding waters below, filled with radiation. I am reminded briefly of the swimming hole my family used to go to. There was a swinging rope that my brother was scared of, my sister abhorred, and I loved. Except this swimming hole isn’t a swimming hole, it’s a blackened disease pool. I will die at the age of seventeen on May 12th, 2019, falling into the waters of death. It will be my last swim and drink.

But please, do what I couldn't do, and keep hope alive. For all the dead and dying, like me. Swim in green-blue glass lakes with coarse brown ropes. Laugh, smile, play. And understand. For all the dead and dying. For all the innocent victims and for all the ones responsible. Don’t teach boys to have the dreams of being a brave soldier, teach them to have the dream of swinging into a lake: happy and safe. And most of all, be at rest with yourself and others.

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