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So, summer ha just begun, and now that school is over, I'm sure most of us have time for a story. I am looking for dedicated authors who are willing to stick with this story til the end. READ EVERYTHING!! Please, I don't want this to be like my last group story, "The Silver Surface Of Two Different Worlds" where only one other person writes their chapter. :(

Chapter 1

The plot and sign ups

by: Darsha
Allrighty, if you read the intro, you should know what is going on.

Basically here is a synopsis of the story:

In a medium sized city called Lowston, several teens go about there normal lives. Then one by one each of them stumble upon the garden. They each think they are the only one there, and they are all drawn to the garden for a reason. (think creativity, escape from pain, safe haven, adventure, boredom...ect.) Then one day they find each other. Not all of them are OK with this, longing for the garden to be their own.
That is when the messages appear. Friendly at first, then odd, then desperate. But what do they mean?

Basically the garden is quite large containing practically every type of flora and fauna. It doesn't seem to ever end.

Characters!! (this is always my favorite part!)



Age- 13-19yrs

Reason for returning to the garden (adventure, safe haven, creativity ect. and please no repeats, not everyone needs to be their for the same reason.)



Love interest-

Family and background-

Favorite place in the garden-

My character

Name- Acacia

gender- female
Age- 15

Reason for being in the garden- creativity, she goes there for a quiet place to work, and the inspiration of the nature around her

Appearance- Medium height, about 5ft7'', average weight, not muscular at all, dark brown hair that is long, and wavy and silky, usually tied back in a clip. Dark brown eyes, lightish, and tannish skin, no freckles. Wears long summer dresses that are fun colors. She rarely wears pants, always skirts.

Personality; She is very creative, and imaginative, loves to paint, sketch, draw, use pastels, and crayons. She is artist, and loves writing, but not as much as art. She is very quiet and shy, but not unfriendly. She is very kind, nice, and sweet, and if you asked people at school about her that's what they would say, but not much else, since she isn't popular. She hates the spotlight and unnecessary attention. She is a Christian.

Love interest- Not really. If she finds the right guy, and the relationship is strong and holds possibilities for marriage, then yes, but she's waiting for someone who will love her with all his heart, and respect and trust her, and someone whom she can trust.

Family ad Background- She is an only child, but unspoiled (which she is very thankful for) she lives with both married parents who have good values, and beliefs. They encourage her in art, and she takes as many art classes as possible She is a middle class family, who lives on the outskirts of town, walking distance from the garden.

Favorite place in the garden- by the waterfall because around it are stone benches that she sits on and paints, and plus, who wouldn't want to spend time painting a waterfall?

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