ABC Repost

Thought I'd do it.

Chapter 1

Here it is!

by: Dobby_is_free

Available: Nope
Birthday: 7 June
Crushing on: Well, yeah.
Drink last had: Mountain Dew
Easiest person to talk to: All of my friends and my mum.
Fav song: Tonnes but at the moment it's Beast Is Back by Beast
Giggling: Not at the moment
Hometown: I'd rather not say.
In love with someone: .....
Killed someone: Mentally
Longest car ride: About 1 week
Milkshake flavour: Vanilla! Banana! Strawberry!
Number of siblings: 0
One wish: To be able to save up enough money to give to about 10 charities (2 million pounds each)
Person that called me last: My mum
Reason to smile: Friends, sports, food, mum, dad, nature, music!
Song that I last sang: A-yo by SHINee
Time I woke up today: 5:30 :/
Underwear colour: Err....bit
Vegetable: Asparagus
Worst habit: Running every single day and biting my nails.
X-rays done: Yah, a few days ago on my right leg
Years living where I live: I have no idea, I used to live in England, then Kowloon walled city in Hong Kong, then Scotland..
Zodiac sign: GEMINI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yas!!!!

Random questions:

Spell my name without vowels: Lr
Color I wear the most: Blue and white.
Favorite thing to do: Music, photography, sport, reading, drawing etc.
Favorite class in school: All languages, History, Geography, Religious studies and Ag+Hort.
When do I go back to school: Tomorrow.
Am I dating anyone: Yas.
Can I dance: Yeah
Tie a cherry stem in my mouth: Yeap
Whistle: Yuppers
Cross my eyes: Yup
Curl my tongue: Yas
Temperature outside: 10 degrees.
Cried over the opposite gender: No.
Do songs make me cry: Nope.
Height: 6ft
Kissed someone: Haha nope.


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