Poems by me...


Chapter 1

Cuatros días

by: _Haunted_
Cuatros días;
One woven together from forgetful emptiness.
one from shadow, threads of confusion,
one from darkness and uncertainty;
and the fourth from tainted sorrow.

Cuatros días;
the first of which
was a glitch in the system,
a smudge upon both our minds,
something easily remedied yet readily ignored.

Cuatros días;
the second of which
was the single remnant of a foul waking dream,
clinging cobwebs that were brushed away
without consideration of the consequences.

Cuatros días;
the third of which
festered and lurked within our consciousness,
a sprouting seed of dissent and bitterness,
too far underground to be pulled out.

Cuatros días;
the fourth of which
was a revelation of broken peace,
clinging to the shores of hope -- a drowned rat
among the whispers and stares,
withering and dying as the fifth day never dawns.


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