Now i know my abc's

Chapter 1

Next time won't you sing with me

Available: Most of the time
Birthday: May 15
Crushing on: The person next to me in social studies
Drink last had: Water
Easiest person to talk to: Erika
Fav song: Problem by Queen Ari
In love with someone: Yass
Killed someone: So many times in Call of Duty
Longest car ride: North Carolina
Milkshake flavor: CHOCOLATEEEE
Number of siblings:1
One wish: To be with the person next to me in social studies
Person that called me last: A 1 800 number
Song that I last sang: Problem xD
Time I woke up today: 11am lol
Underwear color: Eww um pink
Vegetables: Corn I guess
Worst habit: Everything
X-rays done: None
Years living where I live:13 years
Zodiac sign: Taurus

Random questions:

Spell my name without vowels: Mnd lmao
Color I wear the most: Black
Favorite class in school: SCIENCE
When do I go back to school: Monday for finals
Am I dating anyone: Nah
Can I dance: Nah
Tie a cherry stem in my mouth: I don't have a cherry
Whistle: Ok
Cross my eyes: Yasss
Curl my tongue: It feels weird lol
Temperature outside: 69 degrees omg hahaha
Cried over the opposite gender: No lol
Cried when you got a injury: When I was like 7 but I don't anymore
Do songs make me cry: No
Height: 5"3ish
Kissed someone: Nah
What are you wearing: A tshirt
Short or long hair: Long


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