The Puppeteer

Two girls are trapped in a world where verda repeats itself, controlled by something that calls itself 'The Puppeteer'


Chapter 1

Character Info

name: lilac
gender: female
age: 16
family background: no father. Mom is kind, but secretive. Older brother who is never around.
currently lives with: mom
physical appearance: pale purple hair (dyed), natural pale blonde, average height, terribly skinny
personality: quiet and to myself, but when around people she knows, extremely outgoing and crazy!
job/school: dropped out halfway through freshman year because she had no friends and wasn't learning anything, so she decided to get a small job to help her mom.
By: luluXD

Name: Karena Johan
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Family Background: Adopted by Indonesian family, unknown ethnicity. Two parents and a younger sister who is the biological daughter of the parents.
Currently Living With: Her parents
Physical Appearance: Dark chocolate brown hair, wavy and slightly shiny but nothing special. Clear green eyes, but not bright green or deep green. Her eyes are bright but no spectacular color. Skin the color of coffee with a normal amount of creamer, scarred slightly red on her right temple, receding under her hair. Oval-shaped head with a defined chin.
Personality: Thinks a lot, but mostly in her head. Usually timid, but comes out of her shell when comfortable, quietly mischievous, and daring and adventurous with friends. A generally happy person except regarding her birth parents. While adventurous, she is still very self-preserving and sometimes cowardly. She can be very sensitive to her past, and reckless involving so. Disagrees a lot with her sister. Not necessarily smart, but in no way stupid.
Job/School: Senior at the local Quincy Public School
By: bookgeek10

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