Just Smile (i think you all need to read this)

Chapter 1

hey hey, read read, bye bye.

I get it
I've been there
I’m still there
But darling, just smile.

When life is low,
And no one has sympathy to show,
Wipe those tears, look up
And darling, just smile.

You’re worth it,
You always have been,
Now you have to notice it,
So darling, just smile.

You’re more than nothing,
You may not be everything,
You’re still someone,
Hey darling, just smile.

Put down that blade,
Put down that lighter,
Put down that rope,
Now darling, just smile.

If your brain runs in over drive,
And your panic sets in,
Slow down your breathing,
Come on darling, just smile.

Listen to me when I say this;
You’re worth your weight in gold,
I’m begging you one thing,
Please darling, just smile.


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