don't look at me just leave me be with my indie music
this sucks, i know

Chapter 1

. . .

It's time for bed now, you didn't kiss me goodnight
There's not much to think about besides you
I lay here for hours
It's midnight now
I imagine you are here next to me
I whisper your name softly to myself
One day I hope you will love the way I say it
I close my eyes and pretend to sleep
Another hour passes by and you still linger in my mind
The daily travels of your image pace back and forth in my mind
I think of your smile and your voice the last time we talked
No satisfaction comes from a bed, cold where your body should be
It's two in the morning now
My eyes grow heavy and I'm starting to drift
I think of places with you, warm and happy
I look at my hand and imagine your fingers laced between mine
The hour was long, I'm nearly asleep
I cry
I miss you
I finally close my eyes for the night
Hours later, the sun begins to rise
I wake up and yawn, immediately checking my phone
I read "good morning, i love you," from you
I smile and hope one day I can hear it in person


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