I deleted many friends. If you got this invitation, you SURVIVED! :)

I explain everything in the story.

Chapter 1

Friend Deletion

by: Natasitsa
So, when I first came on Quibblo, I just friended whatever user I came across. Recently, I decided to clean up my Friends' list. So, I embarked on this quite difficult and unpleasant task and here I am now: from 867 friends, I only have 400.
You really can't imagine how exhausting this was. I had to look at all those 30+ pages AND to every person's profile. It left me tired but I'm really satisfied now.

Well, congratulations to all of you who passed the test and are still on my friends' list. Applauses You are good friends and quiz-makers! :)

So, I think you need to know how I judged:
♥ I deleted those who hadn't logged in for ages
♥ I deleted those who had been mean to me or too inappropriate (OMG! I can't believe I actually had such a user as my friend!)
♥ I deleted those whose quizzes were not quality and who spammed my inbox
♥ I deleted those to whom I had never talked to but ONLY IF some of the criteria above existed too.
♥ I kept anyone who I have messaged before

Oh and sorry for this quite-spamming invitation. I never ever post spam here, so I think you can justify this one xD. After all, you had to know. :)

YAYY! I cleaned up my Friends' List! dances merrily A burden just left my shoulders!

And from now on...I will pay attention to who I friend!


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