Jesy-A Short 1D Story

Um this was a role play idea. I decided to write a short story about it. It's not over.

Chapter 1


by: Dance
Lee woke up early that morning. Penny had been a bit of a handful since her dad, Lee's husband, was on tour with the band. But she still had Jesy and Jesy's twins. They missed their dad, who was in the band.
"Come on, baby girl," Lee cooed to Penny. "Let's go see Aunty Jes and your cousins."
Lee checked her phone to see if Zayn had texted her. He hadn't, but he was probably still sleeping. The boys had been gone for a week and a half. They'd be home in a few days. It was only a tour around England.
After gathering some toys, clothes, and diapers, Lee and Penny walked the short distance from their flat to Jesy and Harry's.

Jesy panted heavily.
"Dammit, Jesy. Don't you dare give up. You deserve this," she mumbled to herself as she worked out intensely.
Jesy was young, only twenty. She had been with Harry since she was seventeen, and they had recently had twins. Lottie and Drew were great. Drew was calm and happy, while Lottie tended to be more of a handful.
But Jesy couldn't get over something. The weight she had gained. Jesy couldn't stand it. So since the boys had left, she'd worked hard to lose it.
She glanced at Drew and Lottie, who had gone back to sleep after their morning feeding. She pushed herself harder, though she felt her lungs would collapse at any moment.
"Jes!" She heard Lee from outside along with a knock on the door.
No. Lee couldn't see her like this.
"One s-sec!" Jesy coughed, barely able to breath.
"Jesy?!" Lee called.
Jesy opened her mouth to talk, but only another coughing fit came out. She woke the twins, who began wailing. Jesy struggled to get over to them, before collapsing on the ground, coughing. She could taste copper. Blood.
"Jesy!" Lee cried as she opened the door. She had a spare key, as Jesy had forgotten.
Lee hurried to set Penny with the twins, trying to calm the crying children.
"Jesminda, what the hell is going on here?" Lee whispered as she got down next to Jesy, her eyes filled with worry for her best friend.
"L-lee, I'm okay," Jesy struggled to choke out.
"Jesy, what have you eaten lately?" Lee croaked, her eyes clouded with tears.
Jesy could only look at her friend. It was just like she was seventeen. No one understood that she couldn't stand her body. She craved a tiny body. She was so close to it. And now she was caught.
Lee shook her head, pulling out her phone.
"Who?" Jesy croaked.
"An ambulance," Lee hissed. Jesy knew she was angry.
Jesy could hear Lee on the phone, but she couldn't listen. She couldn't move. She saw black spots. Then she closed her eyes.

Lee held back tears. Jesy was breathing. She was also starving herself and working out. Just like when she had to be hospitalized when she was seventeen. But this time, it was different. Jesy had a family to think about.
Lee went over to the three crying children, taking turns calming them as she waited for the ambulance. She needed the boys here. She pulled out her phone, trying to keep from freaking out.
"H'lo?" A groggy Harry mumbled when he picked up.
"Harry, it's Lee," Lee said over the noise of whimpering babies.
"Lee? What's wrong? Is everything ok?"
"No, Harry. You need to come home," Lee muttered, trying not to break down.
"Why?! Are the kids okay?!"
"Yeah, but Jesy..."
"What happened?!"
"Harry, she's been starving herself again. She just passed out and we're waiting for the ambulance."
Lee grimaced. He was angry. She could hear sirens.

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