When I Was Small (poem)

Chapter 1

When I Was Small

When I was small the world seemed magical.
Saying whatever I wanted to because it seemed natural.
Keeping the brown paper bag from the corner shop to draw pictures on.
Clenching a stale crust of bread, preparing to throw it to my favourite duck at the pond.
Listening to music and not worrying about what the lyrics mean.
Looking up at the night sky thinking it's the best thing I've ever seen.
Tying my hair in ribbons because I didn't care what the boys thought of me.
Getting into bed at night without thinking about the universe and what it all means.

Now I don't use the swings at the park, or laugh as I go down the slide.
Now I put makeup on my face, and lie and say I'm fine.
I don't smile when I see daisies or jump over the cracks in the ground.
I put my headphones on and turn the music up to loud.
I let fiction take me away from the world, knowing reality has won.
I press my head into my hands thinking about when I was young.


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