Any other long lost kids out there? I've been getting kinda nervous lately :/

Chapter 1

by: Luxray100
So I grew up never knowing my dad an when I turn 18 im gonna try to find him. But looking at my moms past relaionships (including the guys who thought they were my dad) Im not so sure. My brithday is still 6 months away but its been plauging me for years and now its gtting more serious.

My mom claims she knows who my dad is but she said nothing when some Marty guy wanted to give me his last name (Thank glob that my grandpa wouldn't let him that guy had a terrible last name) or when we had a DNA test done.

Im just getting a little unsure that I even want to find him. Theres a bunch of reasons why I want to because theres so many things about me that no one can explain. I dont even look like anyone in my family.

So is ther any other long los kids that have ben thinking of finding their parent or have already found them?


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