Anna's Secret Diary

This is Princess Anna's diary of her emotions, what has happened, and a lot about Elsa, her older sister who is shutting Anna out of her life.

Chapter 1

Winter Wonderland

I lay on my bed bored, and really awake. The sky is staring at me with wide open eyes and keeps talking to me. Well, not really. There is nothing to do really, apart from read, but the books that I like are all in Elsa's room. Hey! That just gave me an idea! I crawled into Elsa's room, and told her to wake up because wanted to play. She said I should just play by myself and pushed me off the bed, and it really hurt when I landed on the ground. I felt defeated, and beaten but then I got the best idea yet! Really, I do have pretty good ideas, don't I? I whispered to Elsa that I wanted to build a snowman with her magic powers and she smiled and ran out of bed, both of us so excited! She kept telling me to be quiet, because she didn't want to wake our mom and dad. We finally came to the ballroom, which is pretty much sound proof, I think. She laughed and then put her hands together to create magic, and then shot it up to the ceiling so that is looked like it was snowing. Amazing! She then stomped her foot to the ground and created ice that I slid away on. I nearly slipped on it! We then went with my idea, to build a snowman, and built it. Elsa said his name was Olaf and he likes warm hugs, so I gave him one! I then skated along the ice with Olaf and then we danced for a bit! Elsa and me then slid down a snowy hill and I landed on a big pile of snow! I laughed! Finally, I was having the time of my life with my best friend, my sister! Nothing can ruin it at all! Then I shouted out for Elsa to catch me with her powers when she created snow mountains for me to jump on. I jumped my final jump to land on the ground, but then-

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