Muddy Banks

Dude.... I'm on a writing rampage. HALP MEEEE!!

Chapter 1

Chapter One: Kasey Wright

Her breathing shallow, eyes shut, Kasey Wright was dead to her drunken father's knowledge. She heard the clanging, quickly paced step of her fathers boots. They were walking away from a little eight year old girl, nearly submerged in blood thinned mud. The red liquid clung to her skin, formed tiny and congealed drops on the tips of her eyelashes. Kasey was a girl that had to worry about what pink blouse to wear to school tomorrow, not how to hold her breath long enough to satisfy her father into thinking she's been battered to death.

"Daddy," She though solemnly, "Why did you get mad at me when mommy went away? Why did you hit me? You killed her, didn't you?" Silent tears fell from the closed eyes of a silent girl. "I love you mommy. I'm so sorry I couldn't be with you." With that, the blue eyed, brown haired girl drew her last breath and relaxed into the muddy banks.

Writing more if requested by someone OTHER than Jenni.... if she likes it....

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